Winery Cleaning: When To Bring In The Professionals

|September 21, 2021

When thinking about what sort of businesses and commercial facilities need professional cleaning services, or even should consider hiring professional cleaning services, a winery may not be in your list of tops. That a winery may need a professional cleaning services provider may not even cross your mind, and we don’t blame you!

Put aside the stereotypical image of a vinter (aka winemaker) smashing grapes in a wooden barrel with his or her bare feet. That representation suggests cleaning isn’t the highest priority, whereas it’s a very high priority (or should be). When thinking about winery cleaning, understand that a winery consists of so much more than just a big warehouse with wooden barrels filled with wine. There’s the vineyard, grape tree cultivation equipment and their storage areas, one or more wine barrel storage warehouses, a laboratory, the actual winemaking and bottling facilities, and, most popularly, the drinking area – the spaces designated to the service and consumption of what the winery produces, that’s open to the public! This makes winery cleaning very important, and here’s when you should bring in professional help:

Your Equipment is Old and/or Not Functioning Optimally

Professional winery cleaning service providers are substantially different from common professional cleaning companies. Through equipment service, engineering and chemistry technologies, and digital monitoring, this class of professionals cleans and sanitizes your equipment and monitors your equipment’s performance with the goal of optimizing quality and operational efficiency – not just for the sake of cleaning!

Mainstream Disinfecting Isn’t Working

Any disinfecting is better than no disinfecting, but not every disinfecting solution or method is appropriate for what wineries require. Why? A key step in the production of wine is the processing of grapes and the fermentation of grape juice. Between harvesting the grapes and bottling the wine, there is a world of risk and exposure of the processed food and beverage to pathogens and spoilage organisms. Only professional cleaning services providers will have access to and use disinfecting solutions that are specifically designed for wineries in how they disinfect and protect against bacteriophage, broad yeast, and mold.

You Need Tailored Cleaning Services

If you just entered the business of winemaking or are thinking about entering it, you’ll learn right away that bringing in professional cleaning help is extremely helpful, necessary even, and will help your business. You may already even have a contract with a professional cleaning services provider, but find that they’re not meeting your winery’s sanitary needs. This can be bad for your business in both the short and long run.

The reality is that every winery is different, making it necessary for winery owners, operators, or managers to seek the help of professionals that can tailor their services to the needs of each unique winery. This means that understanding the size of a winery’s facilities, its distinctive circumstances, and the input of the winery’s staff and management are important considerations when tailoring professional services for optimal cleanliness.

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