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Commercial Cleaning Company for Fitness Centers & Gyms in San Francisco & Beyond

When people hit the gym, they’re looking for a good workout. They’re not looking for bacteria on fitness equipment or fungus in the showers. You want to keep it that way by hiring the best possible janitorial services for a fitness center.

As you probably know, keeping fitness centers clean and sanitary can be a real challenge—but the exceptional janitorial services at No More Dirt are up for the job! As the most capable cleaning company in the Bay area, we understand that a proactive approach to cleaning fitness facilities is an important foundation for success!

Your members trust you to provide a workout environment where they stay safe. This means keeping your equipment up-to-date and training your staff in things such as CPR and emergency management. But it also means getting your facility in sparkling condition. Bacteria can spread through equipment that hasn’t been properly wiped down or locker rooms that aren’t cleaned with the right materials.

Janitorial Services for Gyms Across the Bay Area

At No More Dirt, our experienced crews can do all that and more. We recognize you need to spend your time tending to your business, figuring out new ways to attract members and tending to the upkeep of the gym and personnel matters.

When you hire No More Dirt, you eliminate one more thing on your list to look after. Our experienced and efficient staff of janitors will take care of your cleaning needs each month.

Fitness center members feel their best when changing, working out, swimming and showering in a clean and sanitary environment. Fortunately, that’s exactly what our commercial property cleaning service provides. Our cleaning services include thorough disinfection of:

  • Locker rooms
  • Cardio & weight lifting equipment
  • Hot tub/Sauna areas
  • Showers
  • Reception desk
  • Office areas

Our fitness centers cleaning program specifically address common problems with showers, changing areas and restrooms. Our programs also take into account the cleaning and disinfection of often-overlooked gym equipment.

The Advantages of Hiring Our Commercial Cleaning Company for Fitness Centers

When you contract with No More Dirt, you get a partner in the fight against grime. We offer many benefits to our clients, including:

  • Month-to-month contracts. We believe in earning your service every month. That’s why we opt for month-to-month service rather than signing a yearly contract. If you decide we’re not living up to your rigorous standards, you can opt out — but we don’t think you’ll need to.
  • Special services. Do you have a member appreciation night coming up or a lift-a-thon to raise money for charity? No More Dirt makes our services available beyond the standard monthly contract. We’re flexible and eager to help with any special needs.
  • Green cleaning. We care deeply about the earth, and our approach to cleaning reflects that. We use eco-friendly measures to cut down on what goes to the landfill and increase your recycling. We can even help you obtain LEED certification if you want to further green your business.
  • An independent company. Unlike so many of our competitors, we aren’t a franchise, and so we won’t pile on unnecessary costs such as placement fees. We have a history of providing great customer service in San Francisco, the North Bay, the South Bay, the East Bay, or the Peninsula, which is reflected in our Diamond Certification.

The Right Commercial Cleaning Company for a Fitness Center or Gym

When you need janitorial services, look no further than No More Dirt to meet your needs. Our customer-first approach ensures your locker rooms will be sparkling and your equipment will be bacteria-free. Your customers will appreciate that commitment to their health and well-being.

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Customize Your Service

At No More Dirt, Inc., we are dedicated to creating a customized cleaning experience that meets your needs without charging you for excess services you don’t require. When we provide commercial cleaning services for your auto showroom, we’ll take into account factors such as your facility’s unique size, layout, and other needs to deliver facility cleaning and building maintenance that will enhance the value and appeal of your business.

  • The size of your facility and the materials it features play an important role in determining the right cleaning products and schedule for your needs. We’ll make sure each product and technique we use is targeted toward dirt removal and the protection of your property.
  • We offer green cleaning options and eco-friendly products to protect your local environment and create a healthier indoor space for your employees and clients.
  • Our cleaning professionals can provide any service you need, from window washing and repair bay or garage care to carpet and upholstery cleaning and maintenance. Taking care of all your business’ spaces will offer your clients a seamless experience during every part of the auto sales and maintenance process.

If you’d like to find out more about how No More Dirt, Inc. can help you manage your auto dealership, educational facility, or office space, please call (877) 776-6347 to receive a free customized estimate for commercial cleaning services in San Francisco, the North Bay, the South Bay, the East Bay, or the Peninsula.

“They always do a fantastic job and never any less. We’ve been using them for 6 years, and we’re always happy with their performance.”