What is Electrostatic Technology and 3 Key Benefits

|December 6, 2022

Electrostatic technology is powerful to kill 100% of germs and clean and disinfect the total area. Cleaning and health protection are the key to increasing workers productivity in any workplace, and they take all the possible measures to provide a fresh and healthy environment.

Sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces with the old traditional method has been in use for a long time, but there are more efficient cleaning methods. Large areas require deep cleaning techniques where disinfecting particles reach every corner and cover the whole surface.

What is Electrostatic Technology?

Electrostatic technology is a disinfecting process to spray positively charged liquid on negatively charged surfaces you want to clean. The charged droplets wrap around objects that are not easily reached and cover them from both sides.

Application of Electrostatic Technology

This technology has various applications like chemical disinfection, filtration system, paint application, and several others. Electrostatic technology facilitates you with cleaning and disinfecting large areas and objects that can’t be cleaned easily with other traditional methods.

Before using the electrostatic disinfectant spray, clean the surface from dust and dirt, as the droplets do not reach under the surface and kill the germs under it. 

Three key Benefits of Electrostatic Technology

  • Dispersion Enhances Coverage

You can use electrostatic technology to spray and disinfect spots you cannot easily reach or clean with your hand. The dispersion process helps the particles reach every corner and hard-to-reach areas; it takes only pointing the spray to the object and disinfecting it.

If you want to clean under your table or a complex-shaped object, you may need help to do it perfectly with the old traditional method. With electrostatic technology, you do not need to rearrange objects, and it saves you time in ensuring that the whole area is fully covered because it coats them evenly.

You can use it to disinfect the toilet seat, its undersides, and any spot you may find hard to reach there.

  • Increases the Productivity of Workers

Your cleaning team needs to wipe the surfaces before disinfecting them, and we have discussed before how disinfectants do not kill germs under dirt or soil. To efficiently disinfect the surfaces, they must be cleaned, and this technology also reduces the disinfecting time.

Cleaner surfaces take less time, and workers can cover more areas. It is also safer because the subject and object are not in contact, and the touchless feature makes it an ideal solution for disinfecting surfaces.

  • Easy-to-use and Wastes Less Product

The technology is an easy-to-use method; workers take less time to learn the know-how of the system. Traditional methods consume more chemical and take more time to disinfect, while electrostatic technology uses fewer chemical product and do the same job more efficiently and with better results.


Electrostatic technology is an efficient method of disinfecting surfaces in less time and with more productivity; the technique helps reach tough spots that one cannot easily reach. It uses a dispersion technique that covers and coats the whole surface evenly.


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