Trash Removal: The Best Way To Remove Trash, Bulk Items, Technology And More

|April 27, 2021

With many businesses and commercial facilities around the nation having been vacant or with limited capacity for over a year due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols, it’s likely that once things return to normal, there will be a wave of large trash removal, the disposal of bulk items, and recycling of technological equipment, as well as other such components of commercial places. 

This overhaul can be for any number of reasons, such as the preference of disposing and recycling old, potentially contaminated items versus investing the time and money necessary to clean and mitigate health risks. Or it may very well be to revamp corporate and industrial environments so as to close the chapter on what used to be (thanks, pandemic). Whatever it is, here are tips on the best ways to remove trash, bulk items, and technology:

Trash Removal: Rent a Dumpster

The best way to remove large quantities of trash is to rent a dumpster. Renting a dumpster allows you to (almost always) remove all of the trash you need to at once, whereas removing trash one trash pickup day at a time may take you weeks or months. Dumpster rentals are relatively affordable and take the hassle of transportation out of the equation – such companies both deliver and pick up the dumpster from the same spot. Just make sure you are aware of your municipality’s local waste regulations. You don’t want to violate any codes and end up paying fines!

Bulk Item Removal:

Whatever your bulk items are, such as large furniture or design elements, there are many options:

  • Free municipal bulk item pick up (in participating towns)
  • Listing useful items for free in online marketplaces
  • Hire a bulk item removal service

Where there is will, there is a way…to get those bulk items removed!

Technology Removal: Find a Local Electronics Recycling Service

The best way to remove and otherwise get rid of technology, or for the sake of making more sense, electronics, is to hire a local electronics recycling service. Electronics recycling services are also relatively cheap and convenient, and are reliable when it comes to protecting your privacy and sensitive data, which is often stored on many recyclable electronics. By reliable, we mean that these services actually offer to wipe data stored on computers and other devices and provide proof of it too.

Further, the list of electronics that are eligible for recycling for most of these types of services includes just about everything you can imagine as far as electronics go. You may even get some type of rebate or credit (or other consideration) for recycling certain electronics. The other side of this coin, should you decide to dispose of your electronics conventionally through your garbage service, is that trashing certain electronics is illegal and can result in fines!

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