Top Summer Cleaning Tips

|August 3, 2020

Summer is a beautiful season, but it’s also notorious for creating mold, bringing in dirt, as well as many other kinds of messes and their associated chores. It’s especially important to keep your office – and home – extra clean during these months to help prevent offensive odors, damage from neglect, and even reduce the impact of allergies. To keep your space properly cleaned, here are some helpful summer cleaning tips so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the warm weather.

Carpet cleaning
Along with vacuuming, summer is the perfect time to get your carpets professionally deep cleaned. Better weather usually means a higher volume of foot traffic, bringing all varieties of dirt and dust into the office, which can cause allergies and also tarnish your company’s image. To ensure your carpets get the attention they deserve, reach out to the professionals for a thorough carpet cleaning service.

Window washing
Washing the windows regularly, especially in the summer, is a small but important task that needs to be done to help with the removal of dust and springtime pollen, which is often the culprit fogging up your window. Once the sun starts shining through, it can boost company morale while also looking better for any customers or investors who may be visiting your facility.

Trash removal
It’s no secret that trash can start to smell over time, but that definitely only gets worse during the summer season. The heat and humidity during summer is the perfect mix to create bacteria growth, which is the main source for offensive odors you don’t want in your facility. Making sure you, or your janitorial staff, is taking out the trash regularly can help to keep your office smelling nice and clean, while also preventing problems from developing further down the road.

Wiping down surfaces
Keeping your surfaces free of extra crumbs, finger prints, water marks, and trash will keep your office in tip-top shape and presentable for your clients. Disinfecting these surfaces can also help put a stop to the spread of illnesses, like the novel coronavirus. Making sure you are wiping down areas like desks, door handles, and sign-in pens can keep your patrons safe and your office extra clean.

Green cleaning
Summer months are awful for people with allergies. The pollen and the excess dust in the air is a dangerous enough combination, but harmful and harsh chemicals in cleaning products can even make things worse for your employees and patrons with allergies. When you transition to environmentally-friendly products, you can help reduce the pollutants in your office’s air to keep your building clean and your employees and customers comfortable.

Keeping your work space and surrounding areas decluttered and clean during these summer months is a necessity. While convenient, try to not eat at your desk, as this can cause insects and rodents to find their way into your office. With this, keeping perishable foods on your desk, especially while the sun is coming in through the windows, is the perfect situation to spoil your food which will cause unpleasant odors, as well as other health hazards. Making it a practice to declutter and sanitize your employees’ desk areas at the end of the work day can help ensure a clean and hazard-free area.

Because of the heavy traffic flow in most offices, these buildings are the perfect breeding ground for germs, insects, and other undesirable consequences that can arise from unclean environments. By following these cleaning tips, you can help keep your office tidy and do the most to help fight off the unwanted germs and provide the best possible business environment.

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