Tips For Hiring An Office Cleaning Company

|April 6, 2016

When your office is need of a good scrub down, you need professional office cleaning services in San Francisco, CA, to get the job done. Office cleaners help you and your employees to focus on your work, rather than a full trash can or a dirty floor. How do you decide which company is the best, though? Here are some suggestions of what to look out for when hiring office cleaning services.

Variety of Services

You want a cleaning company that offers a variety of services you can choose from. Whether you only need the carpets vacuumed once a week, or your office requires the whole gamut of cleaning services, it’s nice to have options. If a company can wax the neighboring business’s wood floors, but clean your stone floors right after, you know they offer the right services for every business around. Also, many office cleaning services will customize contracts for your office.

The Right Products

The type of products your office cleaning services use can greatly impact your employees and customers. You want to be sure the best products for everyone’s health and the environment are being used in your office. Along with safe chemical products, your office cleaning service should be using the correct products and machines for your business’s surroundings. If you have special floorings or windows, the service should have the appropriate tools to clean them.


Just like you want customers to speak well about your business, you want to hire the cleaning company customers are praising. An efficient and detailed office cleaning service will come with at least three references. They should also have many years of experience, so you can feel confident they can handle whatever job you give them. Also, there are Better Business Bureau awards companies have an opportunity to earn. If you’ve received a few different proposals, go with the company with the best quality of work to clean your office.

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  1. I like that you said that it’s best to hire an office cleaning company that can provide you with at least 3 references because their past customers talk well about them. My supervisor at work is planning to hire a commercial cleaning company. He said that he wants to have an assurance that he will find a commercial cleaning company that makes sure that their customers are going to be satisfied with the level of service that they can provide. Thanks for sharing this.

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