The Ultimate Guide to Post-Event Cleanup

|May 19, 2019

Hosting an event at your business is a very exciting decision – whether you own a small or large company, or something in between, it’s a very special time to invite a crowd of people to come share your space with you. Whether you are doing a promotion, celebrating a special occasion, networking, or anything else, a lot of thought goes into the planning of a business event to make sure all goes according to plan. In addition to planning the perfect event, it is similarly important to have a plan for after the event is through. No matter how well-mannered your guests may be, an invitation for a large gathering of people is also an invitation for a mess. High foot traffic plus eating and drinking is a losing combination when it comes to keeping your business clean, but with a post-event cleaning plan in place, you can avoid the stress of cleaning and focus on enjoying your event and the successes of your business.

Enlist helpers

If your business has employees, consider schedule changes to take a bit of time away from the typical workday to join together and knock cleaning out. As they say, many hands make light work, and you’ll feel better knowing the fate of your company getting back on track doesn’t rest solely on your shoulders. If you don’t have employees, consider asking family or friends to pitch in for a few hours, and then go out for a meal together.

Trash first

It’s best to move with an organized plan and in phases, so the first course of action should be to collect and remove all the garbage. Keep trash bags handy and walk around methodically to remove cups, plates, and anything else remaining from the event. Once this step is done and all the bags are properly disposed of, you’re already sure to feel like you’ve made significant progress.

Work high to low

Don’t vacuum or mop before wiping counters because otherwise you’ll dirty things you’ve already cleaned. After garbage is collected, grab towels and cleaning solution and begin to wipe down any accessible surfaces that may have come into contact with food or hands, and sanitize everything as you go. Start high and work low, eventually finishing with sweeping and mopping the floors which will have any debris that’s been knocked off the counters on them to be cleaned in one fell swoop.

Don’t forget the restrooms

They may be tucked in the back, but restrooms can take a serious beating after large events and will undoubtedly need extra attention. The sinks and mirrors in particular are prone to having water stains and buildup, and the floors and plumbing will need a thorough sanitizing.

Walk around the outside

People come in and out all the time during events, especially for smoke breaks. Take a walk around the building to see if any trash was accidentally thrown outside, and clean any rogue cigarette butts that may be in planter areas. These areas may not be inside your business, but they certainly offer first impressions for any customers or clients, so you should check to ensure their cleanliness as well.

After the cleaning day is done, congratulate yourself on a successful event and well-earned break. And remember, just like you’re the expert in your field – we’re the expert in ours. If work is calling your name, just give us a call to take care of the clean-up for you so you can get back to what you do best: run your business.

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