The Most Effective Cleaning Products Against COVID-19

|July 29, 2020

Keeping your office clean should always be a goal in order to keep a safe and presentable environment for your employees and clients. This is a higher priority than ever as businesses and stores begin to open back up for the general population after the shutdown caused by the novel coronavirus. For this reason, it’s essential to continually deep clean your space to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to keep your employees and patrons safe – and your business open. Here are some tips that are found to be the most effective cleaning practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Surface cleaning
When people cough, sneeze, or are even speaking, they are putting little droplets of their saliva into the air that land on multiple surfaces, including desks, chairs, phones, screens, door handles, or the person they’re speaking with. If that person is infected with COVID-19 and other people touch these surfaces or come into contact with those droplets, they become far more likely to contract the disease as well. Keeping a close eye on all the surfaces people are likely to touch or contaminate through normal activity is key. Cleaning these surfaces with soap and water before disinfecting will especially help reduce the amount of germs and impurities. After that, go in with a disinfectant to kill the remaining germs so you know the surface is truly safe.

Hand washing
Promoting thorough hand washing on a regular basis by employees, patrons, and the janitorial staff will kill the infectious germs on hands – a common culprit when it comes to spreading the disease. Putting up signs in bathrooms and throughout the building, while also briefing your staff on this, will help motivate people to take the extra step and work together. Additionally, adding hand sanitizer stations throughout the office will make this practice a bit more convenient for everyone to participate. At the end of the day, hand washing is imperative to preventing the spread of the virus, and while you can’t control everyone, it’s good to encourage it whenever possible.

Social distancing
Re-arranging your office and reducing the amount of desk space will help reduce the surfaces being touched, therefore the opportunity for the virus to spread. As a bonus, it will also improve managing the amount of cleaning that needs done to keep your facility safe. Keeping people distanced from one other, while still being able to attend to their responsibilities, will also help keep the transferring of germs to a minimum. It is important to note that with this, encouraging employees and patrons to wear masks, and to refrain from handshaking, will make a big difference when it comes to controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

Keeping a clean, open, and organized workspace can make cleaning and disinfecting much easier than working around unnecessary obstacles. Reducing the amount of items that you and others are touching on a regular basis will also reduce the amount of things that actually need cleaning, and are at risk of transmitting the virus. For some it may not be a convenient fix, but the new challenge of the pandemic is a great time to try new systems to help reduce transmission.

With an increasing number of stores, restaurants, and businesses opening after the shutdown, more and more people are out and about sharing and spreading germs. With the office space already being a hubspot for germs and illnesses, you want to make sure you aren’t adding any more harmful bacteria to your environment. Making and maintaining a cleaning routine that includes these tips will help prevent your employees and clients from getting sick in your space, so you can operate with confidence.

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