The Most Common Janitorial Mistakes

|May 19, 2019

Your business is your passion – we understand because we feel the same. For that reason, it’s no small deal any time you need to trust the well-being of your business to someone else. Most companies need third party janitorial services to keep everything in the condition you deserve, but it’s not always easy to feel confident in outside services. Before hiring any cleaning company, it’s important to weed out those that might provide lesser quality work or compromise the integrity of your company – here are a few mistakes commonly made by some services, so you know what to look for during your screening process.

Compromising the security of your building

Most janitorial services work after business hours when nobody else is around. For this, they need private access to your building. All too common, however, is for a contracted service to fail to lock your building when they leave, leaving your equipment, property, and confidential information vulnerable to anyone.

Hiring workers with little experience

It is a fallacy that cleaning is an unskilled laborers’ job, though that is how many cleaning companies see it. When you are in the business of commercial cleaning, you are trusted to maintain delicate and expensive equipment, protect the longevity of the property (floors, surfaces, hardwares, etc.), and do the job right. All of these responsibilities fall not in the hands of the owner of the business, but in the workers who are hired to go to the sites and do the job. Hiring workers with little experience is a common mistake made to the detriment of clients.

Downplaying complaints

You hire a company to do a good job, so you expect a good job to be done. But too often mistakes are made and overlooked – a toilet roll is not stocked, a door is unlocked – and while you are rightfully upset, your complaints are downplayed instead. “The toilet paper is on backorder”, “the door was left unlocked by a new employee” – all excuses that don’t matter when the company is not doing what it was paid to do. If a mistake is made, you deserve to have your concerns taken seriously.

Not performing services rendered

Again, since much of janitorial work is performed without supervision, cutting corners can become a very tempting option. Sometimes it is because a lazy worker wants to go home early, and others it is because the company wants to save some money on their total profit. No matter the reason, it is absolutely inexcusable. You take pride in your work, so your cleaning company should do the same – nobody should worry that services they’ve paid for are not rendered, especially at the expense of their business.

The best way to absolutely ensure the quality of any company you hire is by asking thorough questions and checking references. No More Dirt prides itself on full transparency and a commitment to ensuring that the quality of service we provide your business is everything you deserve.

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