Temperatures are Falling and Thermostats are Rising – Get Your Facility’s Heating Ducts Clean!

|October 23, 2020

The summer months are fading, and the autumn weather is quickly settling in. Warm evenings are being traded for brisk breezes, and long days are turning into colder nights. The fall season brings its own charms to enjoy before the winter takes full effect, and it’s important that along with them come important maintenance routines to care for your facility. For most, the heating system hasn’t been used since the spring warmth first broke through the previous winter, which means it’s important to make sure it’s in full working order as we prepare for the cooler weather. Temperatures are falling and thermostats are rising – here’s how you can get your facility’s heating ducts clean.

Change those filters

Air filters are all too often neglected, but they’re important to keep maintained to extend the life of your heating system. They’re the first line of defense against debris and dust, which can accumulate and create clogs, decreasing the efficiency of your system, or lead to inconvenient and expensive trouble if allowed to spiral long-term. Air filters should be inspected and changed quarterly at a bare minimum, but even more often is ideal. If it’s been a little too long since the last time yours were changed, put that at the top of your to-do list before the winter.

Clean your air ducts

The vents in your facility collect dust, debris, and all kinds of build-up far more easily than you might imagine. Particularly when they’ve been sitting out of commission for nearly half the year, you don’t want to just turn the system on and mix everything back into your facility’s environment, and possibly damage your system in the process. You can use a vacuum, warm soap and water, and microfiber cloth to clean the majority of what is accessible to you after removing the vents. The process isn’t difficult, and is well worth the time and energy investment to protect your financial investment in your HVAC system.

Update your thermostat

Your thermostat works in tandem with your HVAC system, so it’s important that both are kept in good health. Older thermostats, such as those with mercury, can be inaccurate and unreliable – this can mean your system isn’t running when it should – or is running when it shouldn’t be. This can lead to an imbalanced climate, or a significant waste of money on inflated utility bills. Consider implementing a smart system, which can be programmed to automatically reduce energy when operations are closed, and optimize itself to maintain an ideal climate while saving you the greatest amount on your energy expenses.

Optimize your operations

Just like you want to optimize your business to generate income and build your bottom line, you also want to optimize the systems in your facility to extend their life and protect your investments – another powerful way to protect your bottom line. Make sure there isn’t anything blocking your heat or return air vents – such as furniture or drapes. Also, make sure your vents are never closed by more than ten percent throughout your facility – doing so doesn’t save energy, it actually only imbalances the pressure throughout the system, which can eventually cause significant damage.

Getting your facility’s heating system in order may not be the most fun fall activity, but it’s certainly an important one to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. By following these quick and easy steps, you’ll be putting yourself – and your business – in the best possible position to close out 2020 strong, and move into an efficient and profitable new year.

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