Professional Cleaning Services

No More Dirt offers a wide array of janitorial services designed with your business in mind. Our cleaning services cover every part of your business, so your facility doesn’t just look clean—it truly is!

Managed Maintenance Services

No More Dirt provides a wide range of managed maintenance services designed with your business in mind. Our team of expert Account Managers will act as your one point of contact and connect you to our network of vendor partners whose services cover every part of your business!

Professional Maintenance Services

No More Dirt offers a wide array of maintenance services designed with your business in mind. Whether you need multiple services on a regular basis or professional maintenance services from time to time, we are confident that we will do an excellent job at serving as your one point of contact and connecting you with the right vendor partners who provide the following services:


Sustainable Maintenance Practices

Our sustainable maintenance services provide the same results our clients expect, with less environmental impact. In fact, many of the Bay Area’s best-known restaurants, hotels, and retail stores rely on us to help them maintain a sparkling image. And, because maintaining a professional atmosphere is key, both indoors and out, maintenance landscaping is just one more way we help your business stay on top.

Using green cleaning supplies isn’t the only way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. We can also design a program to make sorting your waste and recyclables a breeze. Making sure discarded items end up in the appropriate bin is vital for demonstrating your organization’s commitment to protecting the environment.

We can also help your organization earn its LEED certification. This coveted certification will offer additional proof to clients committed to conserving the environment. While many steps are involved with accumulating enough points to earn your LEED certification, you can amass as many as 40 percent of the required points by partnering with us.

Customer Service Contracts

At No More Dirt, we understand that every business is unique regarding the type and frequency of services needed. We work closely with management and our network of vendor partners to develop a contract that keeps your business looking its best every day. Our contracts provide for one day a week or all seven, with one designated Account Manager, a maintenance professional, or a dedicated team — all dependent upon your company’s individual needs.

Just like we know your cleaning needs may differ significantly from the needs of another organization — even if both companies are in the same industry — we also understand that your needs may change over time. That’s why we use month-to-month contracts. Your initial monthly contract isn’t set in stone, and we’re always willing to adjust to ensure every inch of your property is expertly maintained. With this sort of arrangement, you have the flexibility to change the level, frequency, and types of maintenance services you receive every month.

Call No More Dirt for the Best Managed Maintenance Services in The Bay Area

If you want the best-managed maintenance services for your facility, contact No More Dirt today. We’ll discuss your maintenance needs with you, serve as your one point of contact, and connect you to our network of vendors to create a comprehensive plan for your facility. Whether you need service once per week or every day, the custom maintenance plan we’ll develop for you will address all your facility maintenance concerns.

Just like you strive to offer only the best goods or services, you deserve the best professional maintenance service in the Bay Area. Fill out the form below to get a quote for services at your location now.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Sometimes, all your business needs is a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning for a fresher look. Or, maybe a certain room or section of your facility needs special attention to get back to looking its best. That’s why No More Dirt offers a comprehensive range of one-time cleaning services. These services perfect for annual, seasonal or periodic maintenance. One-time cleanings are also an ideal solution for clean-up after special functions at your facility, like regional conferences or holiday parties.

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