Preparing to Return to the Workplace with Commercial Cleaning

|May 7, 2020

Now more than ever, things are uncertain. This is most clearly true of the new actions and reactions directly caused by the virus – when to wear masks, how often to wash our hands, and how to best avoid becoming infected. However, it’s also created uncertainty in processes that were previously well understood – how to share a work environment, if we should share those work environments, and how to clean them to protect everyone. As we all look toward a future with a greater sense of normalcy, many of these plans include our employees returning to the workplace. So, how can we best prepare ourselves to return to a shared facility?

Maintain social distancing
Most work environments are not currently equipped to have employees operating more than six feet apart, but this is a time to adapt. Work stations should be moved, which may mean electronics need to be rewired. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it. Your employees deserve to feel as protected as possible, and you deserve to have a healthy staff.

Create physical barriers
Anywhere possible, and most especially those places where social distancing is difficult to implement – create physical barriers. These will help mitigate the spread of germs and form a protective shield for your workers so they can be and feel more safe.

Keep surfaces clean
Store bought cleaners, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide are all effective solutions to kill the virus. Clean all surfaces regularly, and ask employees to disinfect their own spaces before and after use. This will greatly reduce the number of places where a transmission can occur due to a contaminated shared surface.

Hire professional services
Taking steps every day, and asking your team to do the same, can make a big impact in reducing the spread of the virus and keeping you and your staff healthy. However, since you are professionals in your field – not a professional cleaning crew – it can be difficult to identify commonly missed areas during cleaning that can become a nesting ground for bacteria and germs, as well ensure you’re effectively eradicating the virus in spaces that do get cleaned. Fortunately, by hiring a team of cleaning professionals, you can feel confident that you’re doing the absolute most for your employees and for your business. We recommend making sure your facility is professionally cleaned at least once every XX days, in addition to your own daily efforts.

By following these simple, but effective steps, you and your team can know you’re doing the very most when it comes to protecting your health.

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