Preparing Airports for Customer Health Safety

|July 29, 2020

Under normal circumstances, when your customers are people of all ages and backgrounds and all have different needs, the responsibility of being entrusted with their travel and safety is no small one. In light of the novel coronavirus, that responsibility is greater than ever. Airports are an incredibly unique business facility, as they process hundreds or thousands of customers a day, all of whom rely on them for each and every need they may have during their travel – which could span over the course of several days. Depending on the airport and the volume of travelers they serve, they may even have lounges with showers, in addition to restaurants, bars, shops, and more. Airports host so many types of businesses under a single roof, which means it’s all the more important that the commercial cleaning companies who serve them know how to expertly sanitize and clean each and every single one. Here are a few strategies to prepare airports for customer health safety as customers look to traveling regularly again.

Develop a comprehensive plan
With most undertakings, starting with a well documented plan is nearly always a smart place to begin. However, to clean an airport thoroughly and regularly enough to keep a revolving door of traveling passengers safe, a thorough plan is a necessity. There are so many moving pieces – large and small – that need to be strategically planned in advance to ensure they’re handled properly on a routine basis to keep passengers safe. For example, some airports also have shuttle busses or train cars, and other unique features – and most offer mobile scooters for travelers who may have mobility issues. Each of these present a unique challenge to ensuring how and how often they’ll be cleaned to protect your customers, and a plan will help make sure all employees are on the same page when it comes to standard operations throughout the day.

Leverage cleaning technologies
We have more technology than ever at our fingertips, and while it can feel strange to think of tech-enabled cleaning solutions, there are actually many new methodologies and tools available to support your commitment to providing a clean airport for your travelers. For example, electrostatic spraying is a technology enabled cleaning process that can be strategically implemented to maximize efficacy and boost confidence in the results of your efforts. With this method, cleaning solutions are distributed in the form of a mist to powerfully and thoroughly clean large spaces and ensure they’re comprehensively sanitized. Electrostatic spraying leverages the nature of electric charges to ensure full coverage of all surfaces present in a room – no matter how small, and no matter which way they’re facing or where the spray is coming from. To do this, the solution is atomized with an electrode within the sprayer giving it a positive charge – those particles then aggressively stick to surfaces. This means that even if an object is sprayed unevenly, it will still result in even coverage, giving you the confidence your space is truly and entirely cleaned.

Work with industry experts
No two industries are alike, and with a business facility as unique as an airport, it’s all the more important to hire a commercial cleaning partner who knows your company’s needs inside and out. A one-size-fits-all solution is never a good idea, but it’s most especially dangerous during a viral outbreak with many more unknowns than there are knowns. By partnering with an experienced team of knowledgeable professionals, you won’t have to do any guesswork, and can instead trust that you’ve put the right team in place to keep your business and your customers safe.

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