Medical Office Cleaning Tips

|February 7, 2018

Medical offices are highly specialised janitorial services that require extreme care so that no disease state lingers for long inside the clinic, and no hair follicles or germs can be a part of the office environment for too long. While doctors may like to be in the open, with fresh air, they are bound to spend 10-12 hours inside a medical room. If its not treating a patient right away, it’s a long walk up and down for them.

Medical office cleaning isn’t a simple task, but by no means is it any more challenging than any other industry. The methodology is the same and the equipment is different. Medical office cleaning equipment differ in strength and concentration of substrate. Despite these difference, they offer a clear-cut solution to all medical office cleaning needs.

You may want to start by assessing the site for the square footage and the equipment surrounding. You may need to calculate the time required and strategize accordingly. You shouldn’t rely on normal routines or standards of practice, as patients can differ, and the office has to look neat and clean. There shouldn’t be a shred of evidence of anything that may have happened the day before. In many ways, a medical office cleaning company is the one who ensures that America remains healthy and germ-free.

PPE or Personal Protection Equipment, is necessary to perform all tasks pertaining to medical office cleaning. This includes all types of commercial grade gloves, face mask, aprons or lab coat. Medical office cleaning service providers consult with the Health services department to ensure that they don’t have any cross-contamination or problems associated with not enough protection. You don’t want your staff or yourself to get hurt because of contamination.

Start with performing basic cleaning and always begin with the waiting room. Since the waiting room could be as germ-filled as a subway train, you must ensure that you have all the right tools to get to work. You want to start with using a disinfectant spray to clean all the hidden corners of your medical waiting room, and then vacuum the floor and water the plants accordingly. These are some great ways to ensure that your medical office cleaning needs are met with.

Next, go to the office bathrooms and give them a good scrub. You want to disinfect all hard surfaces including doorknobs, toilet seats, wash basin and faucets. Empty the trash as well and ensure that you’re keeping everything hygienic.

After that you can move on to the exam rooms, and change the paper on all the tables, empty the trash receptacles and disinfect all hard surfaces. Continue cleaning until you reach the equipment, and clean around it as much as possible. GO for the break room next and the lab room right after. You should speak to the medical doctors on rounds before cleaning out the medical office and ensure that you don’t break any rules or change any particular needs the might have from their office.

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