What You Should Know About Diamond Certification

|December 28, 2016

When a company has received the coveted Diamond Certification, it can state with pride that customer satisfaction is a number one concern. Various home improvement companies—such as contractors and cleaning companies in the San Francisco region—that qualify for Diamond Certification have been rated through several methods as being the Highest in Quality. A cleaning company or other company that works with Diamond Certified can be considered trustworthy and concerned with customer satisfaction and correct business practices. Continue reading to learn more about Diamond Certification.

It involves a tough qualification process.

Diamond Certified requires that every participating company receive a Highest in Quality score for customer satisfaction. This score must be at least 90 out of 100 total possible points. In addition to an exceptional customer satisfaction rating, companies must have a Highest in Quality rating for their necessary insurances, licenses, and trustworthy business practices. By assuring the legitimacy of these required business components, Diamond Certified and the companies they certify are among the highest in dependable and satisfactory ratings.

It involves real customers and reviews.

Many review websites and company website reviews often carry fake or featured customer testimonies. These kinds of fraudulent reviews represent a false view of various companies, and customers suffer from these practices. Diamond Certified, however, involves real reviews conducted over the telephone. Customers are asked a series of questions that involve rating and detailed reviews of the company in question. These surveys are done randomly, but they are frequent and ongoing to ensure the Diamond Certified company is still qualifying.

It involves only Northern California.

Part of Diamond Certified’s trustworthiness comes from its specific target area—the Bay Area. By working with companies and customers located in only the Bay Area and Northern California, Diamond Certified can better focus on high-quality companies. Diamond Certified also limits the number of companies involved in each industry, which aids in closely monitoring each company and providing customers with a varied choice of companies in each industry.

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