Is Electrostatic Spraying Right For Your Office?

|December 27, 2022

Electrostatic spray disinfection technology is, without a doubt, the most effective method of disinfection. It’s new-ish, in that it existed before the pandemic began, but didn’t become as mainstream and accessible until after the need to eliminate risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus was in such demand. Either way, electrostatic disinfection sprayers deserve all the buzz, and if you haven’t considered including it as a measure in your routine cleaning and maintenance, you should. But is it right for your office? In 2022, especially here in San Francisco, we can say that no two offices are the same, meaning that what’s right for your office (in terms of cleaning and maintenance) may not be right for ours. Enter electrostatic spraying. Does your office need to be disinfected? Of course. Is electrostatic spraying right for your office? Let’s take a look:

Do You Have A Large Workforce?

Generally, as the number of employees that work in an office increases, the need for truly effective disinfection increases exponentially. Or, at least, it’s safe to assume so. We didn’t do the math but it makes sense. More people means more traffic, more sharing, increased rates of contamination, et cetera. Electrostatic sprayers are to disinfection like the invention of the wheel to human travel.

Does Your Office Have Many High-Traffic Areas?

Trick question: yes, it does. People aren’t airdropped into a specific point in an office. They arrive through the same entrances, walk through the same halls and paths, and enter and exit through the same doors. They gather in the same rooms and make the same complaints about how, “this could have been an email.” Given all of this, you have another reason that electrostatic spraying is right for your office.

…And Lots of High Touch-Point Surfaces?

Along the same lines, there are countless high touch-point surfaces in the communal spaces of every office. High traffic areas equals high touch-point surfaces – the former causes the latter, and both need to be disinfected. Add this as another reason that electrostatic spraying is right for your office.

Do Your Employees Need To Share…Things?

In most offices, yes. Employees share just about everything, including paper, writing utensils, work surfaces, furniture, shelves and other storage devices, office technology (computers, printers, scanners, etc), and more. Sharing is vital to collaboration, without which doing business is impossible. This makes disinfection absolutely critical for offices, meaning electrostatic spraying is the right choice for yours.

Do You Care About Your Employees?

Notice how the question isn’t rooted in how it may affect your business, and whether or not your answer affects its success or failure? If you don’t care about your employees, you have no business being in business. If you do, then 99.9% yes, electrostatic spraying is right for your office. The types of facilities where electrostatic spraying isn’t recommended include restaurants and cafeterias – places where food is prepared and served. Consequently, those places aren’t considered offices.

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