Hotel and Lobby Managed Maintenance Service in San Francisco & Beyond

Guests staying in your hotel want to think about their fun vacation plans and pulling off successful meetings and conferences. They do not want to think about poor cleanliness and maintenance. When you choose the right hotel maintenance services in San Francisco, the North Bay, East Bay, and Peninsula, they won’t have to. If your current maintenance company is doing a subpar job, it’s time to contact us at No More Dirt.

Operating a successful hotel can be a challenge, but No More Dirt makes keeping it maintained easier than ever before with our commercial property maintenance services. Few things are more important than a pleasant, clean atmosphere when achieving the guest satisfaction and loyal clientele that make a good hotel great. That’s where we come in.

Where many cleaning services lack the manpower and experience to handle janitorial services for hotels, No More Dirt excels. From foyer flooring to hallway carpets, , your guests will appreciate the superior sense of cleanliness and order that No More Dirt brings to any atmosphere.

Why You Should Choose Our Maintenance Services for Hotels

No More Dirt allows you to spend the time doing what you do best — running your hotel. We’ll worry about keeping it maintained. We will handle the keeping the crew trained on the latest industry standard and safety protocols, meaning one less hassle for you to deal with. Our business has years of experience overseeing San Francisco, the North Bay, the East Bay, and the Peninsula hotels and public areas cleaning including your fitness centers, restaurant outlets and spas. We also tackle the employee areas, to keep the cafeterias, locker rooms, and back of house shining! We know how to do the job efficiently and effectively, and we promise to earn your business over and over.

We love what we do, and we have fun getting to know new people and showing them what our maintenance services can do for them. Our expert team of Account Managers is made up of true professionals who invest themselves in making our client’s business look good. We are prepared to act as your one point of contact and connect you to our network of vendors who specialize in a variety of services, dedicated to keeping your facility clean and maintained.

The Best Commercial Lobby Cleaning Service in the San Francisco Region

First impressions can make or break you. You want a lobby that’s neat and tidy, with no visible signs of dust, dirt or debris. This shows guests that you value your appearance. It suggests you will put the same effort you give to providing a clean lobby into giving them a good stay.

That first impression can lead to a lifetime of visits from travelers who value that type of customer service.

Choose No More Dirt

At No More Dirt, we are dedicated to bringing you a comprehensive maintenance property service plan. That means coordinating our maintenance services with all hotel departments for optimum service. We work closely with every facet of your hotel’s operations. As your partner, we’ll even work with you to staff events outside your usual contract, such as a VIP gathering or banquet at the hotel, and even preparation for site audits and inspections. We’re committed to maintaining your brand standards, and ensuring your teams score highly on important visits!

We promise to earn your business every day by employing month-to-month contracts. We are not a franchise, and we are well established in the San Francisco regions, with many hotels that have worked with us and can sing our praises if you’d like to hear them.

We’re eager to deploy our team of experienced professionals to your hotel. Let your guests enjoy their stay without ever wasting a moment worrying about dirt.

Contact Us

Simply give us a call or send a message via our contact form to get one step closer to a cleaner hotel.

Customize Your Service

At No More Dirt, we become a trusted extension of your team by serving as your one point of contact and connecting you to our network of vendors who specialize in various services. We are dedicated to creating a customized experience that meets your needs without charging you for excess services you don’t require. When we provide managed services for your facility, we’ll consider factors such as your facility’s unique size, layout, and other needs to deliver facility cleaning and building maintenance that will enhance the value and appeal of your business.

  • The size of your facility and the materials it features play an important role in determining the right products and maintenance schedule for your needs. We’ll make sure each product and technique we use is targeted toward dirt removal and the protection of your property.
  • We offer green cleaning options and eco-friendly products to protect your local environment and create a healthier indoor space for your employees and clients.
  • Our network of vendor partners can also provide any service you need, from window washing to carpet cleaning, pressure washing, kitchen equipment maintenance, and more. Taking care of all your business’ spaces will offer your clients a seamless experience each time.

If you’d like to find out more about how No More Dirt, Inc. can help provide managed maintenance services for your commercial business, please call (415) 639-4330 to receive a free customized estimate.

“They’re prompt, professional, and they don’t waste any time or money. They take their job seriously, which is a plus.”

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