How to Decide the Best Sanitization Method for Your Facility

|September 29, 2022

Cleaning and thoroughly sanitizing your facility is imperative to ensuring your company runs smoothly and safely. You shouldn’t miss any sanitation steps, no matter how tedious they may seem. They offer extra safety measures, especially for food and medical firms that need this level of inspection and cleanliness. 

Why Is Sanitizing Important?

If you don’t sanitize or rigorously clean your facility, the risks of infection are always higher. Multiple health issues arise because of infection, and your business is at a higher risk of spreading germs.  

Being careless with disinfection, sanitization, and cleaning can lead to problems in the long-term, as customers could fall sick after visiting your store.

How to Decide the Best Sanitization Method for Your Facility

Every business will have unique sanitization needs, which usually depend on the types of products or services they offer.

Medical Clinics 

Sterilizing equipment in medical clinics is essential. It’s their duty to provide the best care and clean their tools that they use often immediately. The ideal ways to sterilize tools is by:

  • Boiling: Dipping the medical tools in boiling water for 30 minutes kills all bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms.
  • Autoclave Sterilization: This uses steam, heat, and pressure to destroy all particles and microorganisms. It’s a safe and cost-effective process.   

Food Enterprise

Wherever food comes in contact is a surface that requires cleaning and thorough sanitization. The methods for sanitization in a food enterprise are:

  • Heat Sanitization: Allowing the surface exposure to intense heat for long hours ought to disinfect and sanitize the surface immediately. The final step to clean, rinse, and sanitize will be complete immersion of the object within hot water for less than thirty seconds.
  • Chemical Sanitization: Chlorine (bleach), iodine, and quaternary ammonium are common sanitizers. These are widespread sanitizers, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has regulated their compounds.

Gym Facility 

Center cleaning and sanitization are significant to help against harmful pathogens. Sweating and breathing around various gym equipment is expected. Therefore, the staff should keep all of their equipment clean, creating a safe and healthy environment. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your equipment will motivate more people to come to your facility.   

Usually, tools used for cleaning and sanitizing the area are:

  • Disinfectant: EPA-registered disinfectant will rid you of any lingering germs or harmful bacteria. You can find quick and effective disinfectant solutions if you’re on a time crunch, seeing as they require some time to disinfect. 
  • Cleaner: The purpose of this cleaner is to remove any excess grime or residue left by members. Avoid compounds that can damage your equipment, and opt for ones recommended for your equipment.
  • Microfiber Cloths:  They’re the perfect cloths to use when cleaning or disinfecting the gym’s equipment. When they’re used dry, they don’t leave any fiber and clean all dust and debris on the surface. 

Understanding the importance of sanitization will offer you insight into how to disinfect your facility properly. Thankfully, there are sanitization services out there that can properly clean your facility. You can hire them and rest easy knowing your area will be clean and safe to enter when they’re done.

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