How Often to Pressure Wash Your Surfaces

|November 17, 2021

Pressure washing is a more heavy-duty maintenance assignment, so if you find yourself needing to pressure wash your facility, it can be assumed that there’s dirt, debris, various other kinds of contaminants, and whatever else it is that pressure washing was designed to combat. Whether due to a storm or because it’s “been a while” and your facility’s exterior has a lot of built-up muck, the need to pressure wash comes from the need to protect yourself and your staff from potentially harmful contaminants, as well as to increase the longevity of your facility.

Both of those needs definitely dictate (to some degree) the answer to the question of how often you should pressure wash. However, they’re not the only reasons. Even if the surfaces that need pressure washing don’t present the risk of damaging your facility or exposing your employees to bacteria, viruses, and/or other pollutants, you should still consider pressure washing. Why? Appearances matter. The overall appearance and condition of your facility has a serious impact on your business, both internally through the welfare of your employees and externally through the impressions left on your customers and/or clients. That said, here’s how often to pressure wash your surfaces:


Even in areas that boast the same climate year-round, each season guarantees a much different set of maintenance obstacles for any commercial facility. Scheduling for seasonal pressure washing is a good idea. Not only does it keep your facility looking great, but it also proactively combats seasonal concerns like pollen.

Routine Pressure Washing

In the maintenance industry, where it concerns pressure washing, “routine maintenance” is the least frequent. Experts recommend scheduling a pressure wash bi-annually, or twice a year. Your “routine maintenance” schedule should be kept separate from the rest of your pressure washing calendar.

As-Needed…Like After a Severe Storm

Severe storms tend to make a mess. Sometimes, they’re damaging to property. Although you can anticipate post-storm pressure washing needs thanks to your local weatherman, there’s little you can do to prevent your facility from being soiled and possibly damaged during a severe storm. That’s why you should include a post-storm pressure washing contingency in your maintenance schedule.

More Frequently for High Traffic Industrial Areas

Another factor that weighs in on how often to pressure wash depends on the nature of your business and its operations in and around your facility. Even when not the case, it could be that your facility is located in an industrial area or near a factory. Your surroundings inevitably have an affect on the condition of your facility. Either way, it’s a good idea to schedule pressure washing maintenance more frequently for the affected areas than you would according to your usual schedule. For example, let’s assume you’re already in the pressure washing game and your company moved to a new facility. There’s a construction company next door and business is booming. Do you think your existing maintenance schedule would be enough? Yup.

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