How a Clean Office Helps Alleviate Allergies

|May 19, 2019

Being a business owner is a tough job with many facets. You have the responsibility of managing both your business’s profitability, but also your company culture and the values you want to promote. This is not always a simple position to be in, and sometimes it can be difficult to weigh one against the other – for example, an employee barbeque is an extra expense, but it boosts morale and reduces turnover, which benefits the company overall. It’s important to do both the right thing for your workers, and the right thing for your business’s bottom line. The best answer is not always clear, but on both accounts, maintaining a clean office environment should be a top priority.

As an owner who cares about their employees, the cleanliness of the working environment you provide your team has a direct impact on their happiness and the quality of their lives. For one, nobody likes to be surrounded by grime or filth, and to be exposed to that daily would certainly adversely impact morale. Secondly, employees spend one-third of their lives at their place of work, and it’s wrong to subject them to unsanitary conditions that are sure to have adverse effects on their health sooner or later. Furthermore as an owner you want everyone to take as much pride in your business as you do.

Additionally, as a business manager who needs to think in the interest of the ledger, it is equally important to consider the cleanliness of your company’s work environment. Unsanitary working conditions contribute to illness and allergies, which is more than a personal issue for those who suffer the consequences: more exposure to germs means more sickness, and that means more sick days. Sick days are important, for the well-being of the sick employee and to protect the health of other workers, but too many sick days are a business problem. Every day one employee takes sick is a day of lost wages and lost productivity – and that’s just one employee and one day, with poor working conditions it is sure to be more of both.

No matter how you look at it, a clean working environment is in everyone’s best interest, and you, your employees, and your business deserve the best.

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