HOA Cleaning Services: Keeping Your Tenants Happy

|August 30, 2021

The main responsibilities of a Homeowners’ Association, or HOA, are to market, manage, and sell homes in a residential building with multiple owner-occupancies. While each is critical, the marketing and selling aspects are mostly tied together and may be less necessary (or not at all) for certain periods. The management aspect, however, remains consistently important. 

Homeowners don’t pay the HOA fees that they do to live in a messy building. Dirty, smelly, disorganized buildings make unhappy (and often angry) residents. The opposite, however, makes for happy tenants, and that makes your HOA’s cleaning and maintenance services very valuable. Here’s what you need to know about HOA cleaning services to keep your tenants happy:

Quick & Concise Communication

The ability for your HOA to communicate with maintenance staff quickly and clearly is important for many reasons. It’s even more important for residents to be able to reach and do the same with your HOA and their property’s maintenance staff. This is because residents will often come across and be able to more quickly communicate contamination, debris, spills, damage, and other events and things that require the attention of maintenance staff. Creating a strong, reliable bridge of communication will definitely make tenants happier.

24-Hour Availability

Budgeting for 24-hour maintenance service availability is one of the most effective ways to keep your tenants happy. Whether an issue or accident occurs in a homeowner’s unit or in a communal area, being able to respond and address the issue immediately at all hours shows your tenants that their health and safety is a priority. Plus, it’ll eliminate the risk of cleaning needs compounding within a few hours.

Detail-Oriented, Tailored Services

Nothing is more disappointing than poor preparation and poorer labor. When people don’t have the right tools and resources for their job, they perform it unsatisfactorily. We believe that creating a comprehensive HOA maintenance policy, detailed cleaning guidelines, and establishing tailored cleaning services for each specific area is the bare minimum for enabling tenants to be happy.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance, and cleaning efforts that go beyond what immediately affects the satisfaction of your tenants, will help your HOA in the long run. For example, stripping and waxing an apartment building’s floors before a harsh winter may prevent worn down floors from looking disastrous after winter, and needing to be replaced. Pair that with reinforcing and/or fixing older fencing, and your tenants will notice and appreciate the effort!

Seasonal Checklists

One of the best ways to keep your tenants happy, especially if your HOA is located in an area that experiences all four seasons, is to create and adhere to seasonal cleaning checklists. Not only will your cleaning efforts be more effective overall, which has a strong effect on tenant satisfaction, but the wisdom won’t go unnoticed by your tenants. Making seasonal adjustments when keeping their properties clean will give your HOA the benefit of the doubt when the circumstances aren’t in your favor.


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