Here is What Needs to be Cleaned in the Restrooms of Your Facility

|October 23, 2020

We often hear educational facts such as “did you know your phone can have as many germs as a toilet seat?” True as these may be, a toilet seat also has as many germs as a toilet seat. For that reason, it’s incredibly important to keep all the toilets in your business clean and sanitized – particularly when they are in shared restrooms for employees, customers, and more. When it comes to maintaining shared restrooms, it’s absolutely essential to clean and sanitize the spaces thoroughly due to the propensity for unwashed hands to transfer particularly harmful bacteria – such as through fecal matter – and spread them amongst a large number of people in a short period of time. In order to make sure you’re keeping your facility in prime operating condition, and keep your employees and customers safe – especially given the COVID-19 viral pandemic – here is what needs to be cleaned in the restrooms of your facility.

Toilets and sinks

These are the most obvious culprits since they are the main pieces of equipment that everyone puts their hands on, but that certainly doesn’t make them any less important to clean. The toilets often get full attention, but sinks can be looked over or done too quickly – it’s important to especially focus on the handles for both, and not just wiping them down. Be sure to use proper sanitizing solutions on both, so they are truly clean for the next person who visits and touches them.

Handles and knobs

Speaking of handles, it’s far more than just the toilets and sinks that need proper attention. Anywhere hands can find their way to touching, it’s important to properly clean and sanitize. Everyone uses the stall doors after using the restroom, so those are no less important than anywhere else. The door to the bathrooms also needs to be cleaned – and not just glossed over. Be sure to properly sanitize the door handles on both sides of all doors – main door and stalls – to keep everyone healthy and safe.


Even if they are on motion sensors, don’t neglect the soap and paper towel dispensers either. Just because they dispense soap or are technically supposed to be used after handwashing doesn’t mean you can trust everyone to follow proper hygienic practices. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to keep the facility in full working order and fully ready for all who need to use it, and the safest way to do that is to assume it needs to be fully attended to from start to finish. In the same vein, don’t neglect the toilet paper dispensers – those are used by everyone before washing hands, so it’s incredibly important to ensure those are a part of your daily routine.

Floors and surfaces

Although standard items, they’re still incredibly important – particularly the counter surfaces. Water drips can come from dirty hands, and stagnate there for far too long. It’s important to give them more than just a courtesy wipe-down, and actually sanitize every crevice properly to prevent the transmission of avoidable bacteria and illness. Floors can become dirty all too easily – especially in the places around the toilets themselves. Be sure to follow comprehensive cleaning practices on both these items to ensure your facility’s bathrooms are properly cleaned and thoroughly safe for use.

Providing a safe facility is essential as a business owner – whether you are offering the restrooms to the general public or just your own employees, it’s important that they are being provided a safe and healthy environment. In doing so, you can feel confident that you are doing everything you need to as a responsible business owner, and also doing your part to reduce the likelihood of a viral outbreak or other illness, so your business can keep its doors open and your clients happy.

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