Hardwood Floors – Signs that it Needs Refinishing

|April 28, 2023

Beautiful hardwood floors can take a space from average to elevated. Many businesses incorporate this look into their office as an easy way to bring the comfort of a home into another space. With all the wear and tear of everyday business, hardwood floors can start to look worn and dull after time. Luckily, refinishing your floors is a quick fix to bring life back into the wood. Here are are some signs that your floors need a little TLC:

Your Hardwood is Showing Wear and Tear

Your hardwood floors probably experience a lot of minor wear and tear from day to day use. While hardwood is built to last a long time, the top coat layer will be the first to show signs of needing redone. The floors may start to show signs of wear like marks and scratches. Do not be alarmed, this is totally normal. This is just your hardwood floors saying it’s time to be sanded down and refinished with a new protective layer of wood finish.

The Wood Appears Dull

The finish on your wood is designed to protect and enhance the natural color of the wood. This layer can wear down overtime leaving your wood looking dull and muted. Just like a manicure needs a new topcoat to bring back its shine, you may need to refinish your floors to bring back the natural beauty of the wood you have loved for so long.

You Want to Change up the Look of Your Floors

Sometimes refinishing your wood does not have to serve a functional purpose. You may simply have a change in the aesthetic of your space that your floor no longer matches. There are endless options of wood stains and finishes that you can choose to change up the feel of your office. Better yet, it is a sustainable option! Skip the hassle of redoing an entire floor and throwing away good materials; refinishing your wood gives you plenty of artistic freedom to match any interior design.

We want to give your harwood a new life. Visit our website or give us a call today to connect with our professionals that can take care of it all for you.

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