Guide To Green Cleaning Product Certifications

|April 12, 2019

When you consider all the businesses and homes that are in need of cleaning every day, it’s important to realize exactly how much of a difference it can make to use products and methods that are environmentally responsible. Even just one business that uses harmful cleaning practices can have a massive adverse effect on the environment and on their community. And as a consumer, understanding the different green cleaning product certifications enables you to vote with your dollars when it comes to hiring services or buying products for personal use. Here’s a handy guide so you can feel empowered to make small choices that have big impacts.

Green Seal

Green Seal is an independent, nonprofit organization that was founded in 1989. It reliably uses science-based testing and a meticulous set of guidelines meant to identify healthy and sustainable products. As a consumer, Green Seal not only tests for health and the environment, but also performance and quality so you can purchase with complete confidence. The Green Seal label can be found on a number of products, from cleaning products to lightbulbs.

EPA Safer Choice

When you see this label on a product, it means that every ingredient on the label has been through an extensive EPA review. This indicates that each has been determined to be the safest in its class, so you know the final product is made responsibly and safely. This is accomplished by evaluating each chemical through a panel of criteria related to health and the environment. For the consumer, this tells you these products are the best for not only the planet, but also your personal health to keep you and your family safe. 


This label specifies health and safety guidelines for not only chemicals and ingredients, but also materials and their production processes. Its presence on a product signifies that it has passed a rigorous scientific testing process to prove it is fully compliant with environmental performance standards. The EcoLogo label means any chemicals used – such as in cleaning products – minimize pollution and are non-toxic to humans, and that any materials – such as tissues or trash liners – are made from recycled materials and are recyclable themselves.

There are many environmentally friendly labels, all of which come with their own unique set of standards and meanings, but the above listed are among the most common and can inspire the greatest confidence when it comes to your purchasing decisions. If you’re seeking professional cleaning services, don’t hesitate to ask their policies on their products and practices so you can be sure they are concerned with health and the environment as much as you are.

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