Facility Cleaning: 4 Ways To Improve The Cleanliness Of Your Facility

|May 28, 2021

While a lot of businesses are re-opening their offices and workplaces, and many employers are setting dates for employees to begin returning to work, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your facility cleaning schedule, janitorial services contract, and overall sanitary preparedness. Whether you have a few days, weeks, or months until that date, the time to do it is now!

There are some cleaning and sanitation elements that are universal and will be found or included in everyone’s list, regardless of the type of facility you operate and the nature of your business. Then there are more facility and business-specific items that may be critical to one facility and ridiculous to another. Either way, here are four ways to improve the cleanliness of your facility:

Install Preventative Measures

There is no cleaning tip or hack for improving the cleanliness of any professional space like avoiding the need to clean. This is why you should, as have so many businesses for their facilities, include and install preventative measures. The need to clean and disinfect the high traffic surfaces in any facility can be reduced by either installing hand sanitizer dispensers around a facility, or providing individual tubes for each of your staff. 

Replace & Expand Your Cleaning Tools 

If your business’s facility is small enough that hiring professional help isn’t required, or your hired help comes in and renders their services using your tools, then it’s time to replace and expand on your tools. In some cases, your cleaning tools may have been sitting idle for over a year. This would mean using your mop head would likely contaminate your floors more than clean them. Also, an empty workplace has likely formed a nice layer of dust and dirt in unusual places. Addressing these deposits will probably require new cleaning tools that you don’t have yet.

Invest in (More) Professional Help

Most businesses have contracted the professional services of janitorial companies to come to their facility to handle cleaning. It could be daily, weekly, monthly, or more (but we hope not less than weekly). This is especially likely if a business has two or more different facilities, like an office and a warehouse.

Whatever this looks like for you, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your janitorial services contract and expand on the services provided. The pandemic has created an emphasis on sanitation, and the new found demand in the industry has seen increases in sanitary technologies and a greater supply of professional services create a competitive, affordable market.

Enlist Your Staff Through Incentives

In a time of anxiety and paranoia about public health, creating an incentive program for your staff to compete with one another in performing facility cleaning tasks is a great way to show that you care about your facility’s sanitary standards and your staff’s health, and reward your staff for competing to see who can contribute most to a clean environment!

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