Do ‘Green’ Cleaning Products Really Make a Difference?

|August 3, 2020

It’s important to understand the difference between green products and traditional products when you’re making the decision to buy cleaners. Then, there’s also the question of how do you know whether a product is green or not? The difference between traditional cleaning products and green cleaning products really comes down to the ingredient list. Most companies will also make it clear on the label if it’s a green cleaning product. The most important question, however, is do green products really make a difference?

Air pollution

When you’re using traditional products, these chemicals will also find their way into your indoor air and create a high chance for your air to be polluted while you’re in the process of cleaning your business or home. Breathing in volatile organic compounds, which are created after storing and using products, has been linked to damaging your liver and central nervous system. On the other hand, when you are using green products, you’ll be able to enjoy the confidence that there are no harsh chemicals being released into your air – which in turns benefits your health and your comfortability knowing your business or home is free of avoidable hazards.

Easy cleaning and expense

With the ever-growing list of companies expanding their product lines to green products, pricing between traditional and green products has actually become pretty competitive. With some green products, you actually also have the option to buy eco-friendly and all-purpose products that can be used in multiple ways, so you don’t have to keep buying specific products for specific duties. Some of these types of cleaners can also be found in the home, meaning you don’t need to buy any specialized products at all. For example, vinegar can replace most mold and mildew removing products, toilet bowl cleaners, and more. Overall, whether you choose to purchase all-purpose green products or just use what you already have, it will make a positive impact on your spending – which is great knowing that your bottom line will thank you.

Giving back to community

Manufacturers who are interested in creating green products are generally more socially and environmentally responsible. Because of this, you will find most companies will actually give portions of their profits back to the community. The organizations that they give back to will help improve their efforts on environmental and social education and change, which you’ll know you’re supporting by voting with your dollars. For that reason, the simple choice to prioritize purchasing green products means you can make a difference in the world, whether that’s in your local community or on a global scale.

Knowing what’s inside your products

The ingredient list of any cleaning product can be quite intimidating to look at, mostly because the average person doesn’t understand what half the words mean. Some chemicals that are found in traditional products are skin or lung irritants, or even carcinogens – meaning they’ve been linked to cancer – which includes ammonia, nonylphenol ethoxylate, and phthalates. If chlorine and ammonia are accidentally mixed together, that can be pretty dangerous. So before deciding to purchase a traditional product, make sure you understand what is actually in there, or consider a green product instead. Surprisingly, it is also suggested to research online, as some manufacturers do not put the complete list on the product label. Companies that produce green cleaning products are typically fully transparent on the bottle, and the ingredient list is easy to understand and eco-friendly, so you’ll know what you’re using in your business or home.

When it comes to deciding between using traditional cleaners or green cleaners, these are just a few reasons that show that green products actually do make a difference. From creating a safe environment in your space with eco-friendly ingredients, to saving some money in your wallet and knowing you’re supporting larger initiatives, you really can’t go wrong with green cleaning products for yourself and for the planet.

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