Disinfecting Tips to Combat Flu Season

|September 21, 2021

Ever since COVID-19 hit, our perspective on flu season has collectively changed. By collectively, we mean everyone, globally. What the common flu and COVID-19 have in common is that they’re both classified as a virus. One of the things that makes them different is that the COVID-19 virus has proved to be significantly more contagious, or easily transferable by fine airborne particles, making disinfecting much more demanding.

Combating any virus, be it COVID-19 which is still present and lingering, or the common flu during flu season, now means a different set of tips to ensure you’re doing it right and doing it well. So that’s what we’ll share with you today! Here are the disinfecting tips you need to know to combat flu season:

Invest in New Technology

Electrostatic disinfecting machines are the latest and greatest technology in combating viruses like the flu. These machines offer more efficient disinfecting, and can reach the hardest to reach places. What’s more is that, in the event you don’t or can’t hire professionals to disinfect your facility, this technology enables you to DIY. 

Allot More Resources

Tinkering with your budget and allotting more money, and therefore more time and disinfecting supplies, is pretty much necessary to better fight the flu. We recommend dedicating your increased resources towards hiring more professionals. See about increasing janitorial or maintenance staff and expanding your services contract to target the flu with more disinfecting efforts.

Provide Personal Disinfecting Kits

Equipping your staff with personal disinfecting kits, including all of the necessary disinfecting supplies like gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and more, will increase your business by helping your employees and staff perform better. These kits will not only help them avoid getting sick and missing work, but will boost their feelings of safety and security from exposure to viruses during flu season. Being proactive in making your staff feel safe and secure will boost their satisfaction and engagement, which increases productivity.

Provide Communal Disinfecting Resources

Whatever facility, office, or workplace you’re responsible for, a good way to combat flu season is to create communal disinfecting stations and stock each station with the appropriate supplies. This may mean designating a corner or two for hand sanitizer, PPE such as gloves and masks, and disinfecting wipes or spray bottles with disinfecting solution and paper towels. Easy access to such things will encourage your staff to do their part to combat flu season.

Create a New Policy, Schedule & Checklist

One of the ways you can combat flu season that has nothing to do with actually following disinfecting tips is by creating a new policy for your employees and maintenance staff to follow, along with an updated maintenance schedule and disinfecting checklist. Holding everyone under your roof to a higher sanitary standard will ensure a more unified effort against flu season. A more beefed up disinfecting schedule that includes a more comprehensive checklist of disinfecting tasks will do the same!

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