Daycare Cleaning Procedures

|November 19, 2019

Kids are a big responsibility, and that’s true of both the parents who have them, but also those who work in professions where they need to be accountable for the health and well-being of other people’s children. Although there are many jobs that are deserving of celebration for their contributions to families, daycare is a unique one in that providers are responsible for many children at once – not just one or two. When it comes to managing that many kids, it’s also important to think about the space they occupy – their environment matters for their safety and their health. Keeping a space filled with children day in and day out isn’t an easy task, but it is a necessary one so here are a few cleaning procedures to help keep your daycare in great shape.

Stick to routines

Routines are helpful on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule – even small routines throughout the day can make a big impact. For example, always wipe down the tables after eating. It needs to be done, but sometimes it’s easy to procrastinate once the kids are done and the table is no longer in use and won’t be needed for a bit. Instead of putting it off until ‘later’, make a commitment to wipe it down immediately once the kids are done eating. It may feel like a small thing, but solidifying routines like that throughout the day will help keep your business like a well-oiled machine instead of a chaotic game of catch up.

Build a realistic cleaning schedule

Speaking of daily and weekly schedules, it’s essential to have one that is realistic and achievable. There are obviously a number of cleaning tasks that are required by law that can never be pushed back depending on the schedule, or if an accident happens with potty training, but general routine cleaning is also very important. If your regular cleaning routine is difficult to maintain, it might be best to take a step back and see if it can be re-configured into something that is more reasonable to accomplish. If certain tasks aren’t getting done, it may be possible to put them on a bi-monthly schedule instead of weekly, particularly with smaller things like cleaning blinds and freshening drapes.

Outsource deep cleaning jobs

When it comes to watching and caring for that many kids, you’re already nearly superhuman – not everyone can do everything and it’s worth the peace of mind, as well as the minutes back in your day, to call in the professionals when it comes to deep cleaning. Carpets, furniture, hardwood care, and air duct cleanings are all just a few examples of major tasks that it’s better to have done by professionals so you know it’s done right and it’s off your plate.

At the end of the day, the kids deserve a clean place to spend their days – but so do you. Nobody loves to feel overwhelmed or trapped by a dirty environment, so getting into a groove that works for you is sure to give you more time to enjoy your job and the kids.

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