Crystal Clear Windows – Unveiling the Secrets

|August 1, 2023

Clean windows in a home make all the difference when spring cleaning comes around, and the same goes for business properties. A task as simple as this can have your building feeling fresh, clean, and welcoming for all of your clients and employees. Here are the best ways to ensure your windows stay crystal clear all year:

Start With Safety

Before you take on the task of cleaning the interior and exterior of your business’ windows, it is important to follow the infamous rule of “safety first”. When using professional grade window cleaners, be sure to use gloves and eyewear to protect your skin and eyes from any chemicals that can transfer onto your body as you clean. If you are especially sensitive to chemicals, be sure to wear a mask and consider opting in for eco-friendly cleaning solutions that tend to cause much less irritation than other solutions. 

When cleaning high areas, try to use an extended squeegee as much as possible to limit time on a ladder. If your building is more than one story, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional cleaning team to tackle this task. While it is possible to do it yourself, it will require extensive safety precautions that will quickly prove to be a hassle. Hiring a professional team ensures that everyone involved is properly prepared with protective equipment and will make it an easy and stress free task.

Best Methods

For maintenance cleaning routines, there are plenty of cleaning options that can keep your windows looking great. The most popular method is to use a squeegee and a window cleaner with a nozzle to spray the solution directly onto your windows. Paper towels and cloth towels will also do the trick if a squeegee is not readily available. If chemicals are a concern in your office space, try mixing two parts water with one part vinegar to create a quick and safe cleaning solution, or opt in for one of the many eco-friendly options on the market. 

Bonus tip: do one side of the window in horizontal strokes and the other in vertical strokes (this way you know which side the leftover streak is on!)

The Results

The result of an expert-level window cleaning is far more than just the layer of dirt and grime removed from your windows’ surfaces; it is a whole new level of professionalism and functionality you gain too. Clean windows can transform the appearance of your building and provide a crisp and sleek look to give you the edge over other businesses on your block. 

If you need a professional team to help you take on the tasks of cleaning windows and more, check out our website to get connected with a professional team today. Our versatile teams are here to take the stress away from keeping your business clean.

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