Common Pests In Commercial Spaces

|February 21, 2023

According to the dictionary definitions provided online through a quick search, the word pest is generally any animal that is harmful to humans or human concerns. Other definitions narrow this a bit, adding that a pest is an insect or animal that attacks food and food-based things, and is seen as a nuisance. When considering the common pests we come across in commercial spaces, nuisance is an understatement. 

The common pests of commercial spaces aren’t just annoying, they’re potentially dangerous, posing a risk to the health of employees, clients/customers, and anyone else that may visit or pass through a commercial space. These common pests may also directly or indirectly damage commercial facilities over time. To know how to address pest-related issues in your commercial space, it helps to know what you’re up against. Here are 5 common pests in commercial spaces:


Rats and mice are the most notable of the pests commonly found in commercial spaces. They can cause damage to your facility and spread disease through their bodily fluids and droppings. They also freak people out. Rodent issues should be addressed immediately.


Cockroaches are arguably the most detestable pests commonly found in commercial spaces. They are notoriously hard to kill, and survive rather easily anywhere within a commercial facility given their neat ability to climb on anything. When unaddressed, cockroaches will eat and contaminate anything, and leave unpleasant odors behind.


Ants, like most living things, pursue food, water, and warm areas. Unfortunately, many commercial spaces provide these needs. A common pest in commercial spaces is the pavement ant, which can easily colonize open yet tiny spaces in a facility’s foundation, sidewalks, and/or asphalt.


Flies are amongst the most common pests in commercial spaces, mostly because of how mobile they are and how easily they find entrance to commercial facilities. Flies are attracted to open garbage cans and anywhere there is food waste, and while not all flies are dangerous or pose serious health risks, some flies do carry harmful pathogens and can contaminate food and water supplies easily. 


Most commercial spaces are at least in some-part made up of wood, and termites love wood. While termite infestations take time to inflict the serious damage that they can, you can be sure that a commercial space with a termite problem will eventually need significant repairs. That means time and money, and that’s hoping that termite damage to a commercial facility didn’t cause any accidents and hurt anyone!

Honorable Mention: Birds

Yes, birds can be considered pests too, and are especially common around commercial spaces. Birds can not only be very annoying, but can pose a risk to health and safety to people in the various diseases and viruses they may carry, as well as the harmful pathogens their droppings contain. Bird control is pest control, as far as commercial spaces are concerned.


These 5 (or 6, really) common pests in commercial spaces account for an overwhelming majority of pest issues in commercial spaces. For more information on how to deal with commonly found pests in commercial spaces, visit our website today!

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