Commercial Cleaning Trends

|June 15, 2020

Buildings of every type – offices, warehouses, restaurants, and everything in between – need a thorough cleaning on a consistent and established schedule. That need has been amplified now, more than ever, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Creating and maintaining a clean environment is now of even greater importance, which means the demand for commercial cleaning companies is at an all-time high. It’s important to stay on top of the latest information and remain educated, so here are the top commercial cleaning trends happening now.


Implement technological solutions
The use of technology, particularly smart technology, has made a huge impact on the cleaning industry. For example, larger facilities can be sanitized quickly and efficiently by implementing fogging and electrostatic cleaning methodologies, and it’s possible to be more thorough than ever with improved equipment and techniques.

Outsourcing cleaning services
Many facility supervisors state that they prefer to outsource their cleaning services rather than have their own employees do them in-house. A few benefits of this include it often being cost effective, as well as knowing the job is being trusted to professionals.

A focus on customer satisfaction
Ensuring a positive customer experience is essential when it comes to client retention. Market research has shown that nearly half of commercial cleaning companies have lost business because of poor customer satisfaction.

Going green
Due to the impact and increased awareness of climate change, cleaning companies have started to use more eco-friendly products and are making that the new standard for operations.

Improved employee training
The implementation of in-house cleaning and management training allows commercial cleaning businesses to stay ahead of industry trends, as well as remain competitive and effective to offer the best service possible.

Keeping software and databases updated
From handling accounts to managing payroll, it’s essential in today’s world to keep all electronic files secure and up-to-date to ensure effective account retention and business management.

Offering specialty services
With COVID-19, innovation has been key for commercial cleaning companies to meet the current needs of their customers, as well as keep everyone safe from the virus.

Building and maintaining a positive reputation
It’s more common than ever for consumers to choose the businesses they work with based on online reviews and the recommendations of their peers. For this reason, it’s essential to build and maintain the integrity of a business’s reputation and online presence.

Secure cleaning
To help ensure customers feel safe while a third party company is providing janitorial services, commercial cleaning companies are prioritizing secure cleaning arrangements that help everyone feel at ease.


When it comes to running a commercial cleaning company that meets the needs of consumers today, it’s more important than ever to stay head of industry trends, remain adaptable, and do the very best work each and every day for each and every client.

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