Commercial Cleaning: 5 Big Tips for Fall

|September 21, 2021

The transition into the Fall season is important for many reasons. Why? The weather cools through the Fall, and cooler weather usually means greater challenge to our immune systems, which means higher rates of illness. The changing season sometimes, depending on where you live, also means seasonal changes to the environment, which can alter the nature of your commercial cleaning needs, processes, and approach.

It’s a good idea to brush up on commercial cleaning news and trends anyway. Doing so has greater implications than just the actual cleanliness of your commercial facility. Appearances leave either a positive or negative impression on your clients and/or customers, and cleanliness and sanitation affect the performance of your business through the effects it has on the mental and physical health of your employees and staff. That said, here are the 5 biggest commercial cleaning tips for Fall:

Refresh Your Floor Maintenance Procedures

Floors are usually the first thing people see upon entrance, and a dirty floor not only reflects poorly on your business, but suggests hazards to the health of your staff and/or customers and clients. Stripping, waxing, and buffing your floors (when appropriate) is a smart move heading into the Fall. You should also beef up the frequency of routine sweeping or vacuuming, and wet mopping.

High-Traffic & High Touchpoint Areas: Preventative

The best way to help keep your commercial facility clean is to prevent the need to clean it to the best of your ability. Consider laying floor mats and runners just outside your facility entrances and within 15 to 20 feet of the exits of your facility. To prevent the contamination of high touchpoint surfaces, think about installing foot operated door pulls and hand sanitizer dispensers at every entrance and exit.

Managing Air Quality

The hardest pathogens to clean and avoid are the ones we can’t see – fine, almost invisible airborne viruses. Before Fall is in full swing, you should have your commercial facility’s HVAC systems inspected, serviced, and/or cleaned and air filters changed. Clean air and efficient air circulation goes a long way in contributing to cleanliness, for example, by filtering and preventing dust buildup! 

Deep Cleaning Your Facility’s Facilities

A common and very important trend in Fall cleaning for commercial facilities is the deep cleaning of a facility’s facilities, or bathrooms! Seasonal transitions usually mean you need to change the cleaning products you use as different chemicals are required to sanitize the new season’s elements, contaminants, circulating pathogens, and even the mineral deposits built up during the previous season.


Thanks to the pandemic, disinfecting is guaranteed to be included in the most important cleaning tips for any kind of commercial facility during any season, anywhere. Disinfecting during the Fall season was important before the pandemic too, as Fall is traditionally the beginning of flu season. Stock up on disinfecting supplies, revisit your cleaning policies, schedule, and checklists, and consider exploring the disinfecting services of a professional. 

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