Cleaning Your Gym

|February 7, 2018

Gyms are where most of the bacteria and dirt can remain hidden for weeks. It’s the main point of attack for many clean-freaks as more and more people want a gym that’s clean and sanitary. Cleaning a gym can get hard, but it will get worse if you get a notice from the sanitation department. You don’t want someone falling sick from using a dirty yoga mat or holding a barbell that wasn’t wiped down correctly. As a gym owner you need to invest in keeping all the areas of your gym clean and that includes the showers, the equipment and the changing rooms.

Equipment & Racks
This is where 60% of your gym cleaning focus should be. Not a lot of people use disinfectants and cleaning agents after every set, and gyms must themselves invest in a lot of cleaning staff hiring and recruiting the right people to clean everything. Germs can slowly accumulate over time, and its important to ensure that no bad molecules spread around because of a lazy gym staffer. People who do intense cardio may have sweat dropping all over the floor, therefore cleaning a gym requires a consistent and strategic method. A scheduled approach to cleaning all equipment may be necessary. Wipers and spray bottles might be a good thing, but its better to ensure that no single area or rack is left alone. Therefore cleaning 4-5 times a day is necessary to create a hygienic environment for your gym, especially if you’re a 24-7 type of an operation.

Floors & Mats
What’s worse than looking at a dirty Smith machine? The discoloration on the floor below it. Most workouts require a lot of ground and pound, which means that you’re missing out on the hardcore workout athletes who prefer a cleaner environment for the floors. Make sure that if someone spills something or tears through a carpet, that your staff is attentive enough to make amends. Cleaning a gym floor is a scheduled task that must be performed regularly. During the winter months, the rubber matting at the door and air movers can help in keeping it clean. Remember to keep the general area of the equipment clean on priority. Everything else can be cleaned later on.

Restrooms & Lockers
Do you have a shower in your gym? No one is going to use it if it looks dark, grimy and looks like it’s been beaten up my meatheads. You want to keep the bathroom clean, including the floors the drains and the door handles. You don’t want to gym goers to think for even a second – that the bathroom could be dirty or have some problems associated with it. Any discolouration, or dirty appearances or dirty mirrors can have a significantly negative outlook towards your gym, and people would be less inclined to invite others to it. Similarly, for locker rooms the area should be cleaned once a week, and all lockers should be aired out for sanitary reasons.

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