Clean Kitchens Can Help Keep Ants Away

|December 21, 2016

Keeping your employee lounge and kitchen clean is essential to keeping your employees healthy and your facility free of pest infestations. If your facility’s kitchen is dirty, then you risk attracting kitchen ants and other pests. A qualified cleaning business combined with your own daily habits can keep these annoying pests away from your kitchen. Watch this video to learn more about what attracts ants and how a cleaning business near San Francisco can help deter them.

Ants are attracted to water sources and food. If your floors, walls, or countertops are not cleaned by dedicated janitorial contractors on a regular basis, then ants will quickly become a problem in your employee kitchen. In addition to hiring a qualified cleaning business, train your employees on clean habits and picking up trash or food once they are finished. These practices will help keep ants away.

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