What Is Green Cleaning?

|October 21, 2015

When you are scheduling commercial cleaning services in San Francisco, you may want to ask about how you can set up green cleaning for your facilities. Green cleaning services are friendly to the environment, and can also promote the health of your employees and clients. Some conventional cleaning products can lead to respiratory issues, headaches, […]


Why A Clean Business Is A Productive Business

|October 14, 2015

Office Cleaning Services

Productivity is a top priority for many business owners. If you are the owner of a business, it is important to make sure that your employees are able to work in an environment that keeps them focused and motivated to excel. One of the best ways to encourage productivity is to schedule commercial cleaning services. […]


Reasons Your Medical Office Needs A Professional Cleaning Service

|September 30, 2015

Doctor's Office Cleaning Services

When you are operating a medical office, the health and safety of your patients depends on the cleanliness of your facilities. To ensure that your medical office provides a safe and sanitary environment for your patients and staff, you may want to set up regular janitorial services with a cleaning business in San Francisco. A […]


What is LEED?

|August 12, 2015

When you are setting up cleaning services for your building, you may want to choose cleaners that are LEED certified. LEED is a term that stands for Leadership in Environment and Energy Design, and this certification was established to recognize green building and cleaning strategies. Additionally, LEED certification is given to buildings that have been […]


Staying Clean And Healthy At School

|August 5, 2015

Smiling School Teacher in Clean Classroom

The summer break is nearing an end, so now is a great time to schedule commercial school cleaning services for your building. With classrooms and hallways clear of students, your cleaning company will be able to address the major cleaning projects that are more difficult to perform during the year. By working with a company […]