Reasons To Hire A Cleaning Company

|May 11, 2016

Hiring a cleaning company near San Francisco can save you time and stress. Just as homeowners utilize a cleaning company to eliminate the added tasks associated with maintaining a spotless environment, office managers can benefit from delegating cleaning duties to an experienced office cleaning company. Watch this video for an overview of reasons why so […]


A Look At An Amazing Marble Restoration

|May 4, 2016

For centuries, marble has been used as an elegant and luxurious building material in buildings around the world. Since marble is a highly sensitive material, it is very important to schedule your marble restoration with a company offering stone restoration services near San Francisco. With the help of your natural stone restoration experts, you can […]


Taking Steps To Keep Your Theater Clean

|February 24, 2016

Clean Theater with Red Seats

Cleaning a theater can be a challenge for even the most experienced professional cleaning service because of the attention to detail that it requires. From scraping gum off the floor to removing spots in upholstered seats, there are a number of tasks that need to be completed when cleaning a theater. No More Dirt, Inc. […]


A Look At The Health Risks Associated With Dirty Workspaces

|February 17, 2016

Man blowing his nose in the office is the reason offices should have professional cleaning

If you operate a business and you are not currently paying to have a professional cleaning service come in to clean your office on a routine basis, you could be putting your employees at risk. When workspaces are not cleaned regularly, there are a number of health issues that could become problematic. You shouldn’t go […]


Create A Productive Office Environment With Corporate Cleaning Services

|February 3, 2016

Man walking out of a clean corporate office building

For most people, between Monday and Friday, a majority of their time is spent in the office. While corporate offices come in all shapes and sizes, one thing that any office can agree on is the importance of office cleaning in San Francisco. A clean environment is a productive environment. Keep reading to learn more […]