Staying Clean And Healthy At School

|August 5, 2015

Smiling School Teacher in Clean Classroom

The summer break is nearing an end, so now is a great time to schedule commercial school cleaning services for your building. With classrooms and hallways clear of students, your cleaning company will be able to address the major cleaning projects that are more difficult to perform during the year. By working with a company […]


Why Your School Needs A Janitor

|July 29, 2015

Janitorial Company for School Cleaning

Janitorial services are a must for every school building. By hiring a commercial school cleaning company, you can ensure that your facilities are clean and orderly at all times. Without a professional and timely janitorial staff, your school’s facilities could quickly become dirty, damaged, or otherwise problematic. There are many benefits to hiring a janitor […]


More Than A Cleaning Company

|July 15, 2015

If you want your business to succeed, it must be presentable and approachable to the general public. Many business owners turn to commercial cleaning services in San Francisco to make sure that they live up to this standard. Watch this video clip to find out why No More Dirt, Inc. is more than a cleaning […]


Keeping Your Hotel Clean

|July 8, 2015

Hotel Cleaning Services

When it comes to spaces that experience rapid turnover such as apartments, hospitals, and hotels, it is important that you provide these areas with the proper cleaning services in San Francisco. A messy apartment building is unlikely to fetch a high price, an unclean hospital is unsanitary, and a dirty hotel will receive bad reviews […]


Reasons To Trust No More Dirt

|July 1, 2015

Hospital and Medical Facility Cleaning Service

There may be no more important location to keep clean than a medical facility, and No More Dirt, Inc. is eager to provide your medical building with the cleaning services in San Francisco it needs. Our green cleaning services make use of safe and environmentally friendly products in order to cultivate an atmosphere of sanitation […]


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