How to Decide the Best Sanitization Method for Your Facility

|September 29, 2022

How to Decide the Best Sanitization

Cleaning and thoroughly sanitizing your facility is imperative to ensuring your company runs smoothly and safely. You shouldn’t miss any sanitation steps, no matter how tedious they may seem. They offer extra safety measures, especially for food and medical firms that need this level of inspection and cleanliness.  Why Is Sanitizing Important? If you don’t […]


Elevator Sanitizing and Disinfecting

|June 14, 2022

Not many people are aware, but elevators tend to house 40% more germs than a toilet seat. This suggests that you are exposing yourself to health risks each time you choose an elevator over the staircase.  This is the reason why sanitizing and disinfecting elevators is an urgent need of the hour. It is high […]


How Often to Pressure Wash Your Surfaces

|November 17, 2021

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is a more heavy-duty maintenance assignment, so if you find yourself needing to pressure wash your facility, it can be assumed that there’s dirt, debris, various other kinds of contaminants, and whatever else it is that pressure washing was designed to combat. Whether due to a storm or because it’s “been a while” […]


Facility Cleaning: 4 Ways To Improve The Cleanliness Of Your Facility

|May 28, 2021

Clean Organized Office Desk with Laptop and Notebook

While a lot of businesses are re-opening their offices and workplaces, and many employers are setting dates for employees to begin returning to work, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your facility cleaning schedule, janitorial services contract, and overall sanitary preparedness. Whether you have a few days, weeks, or months until that date, the time […]


Is a Clean Office a Germ-Free Office?

|October 26, 2020

Is a Clean Office a Germ-Free Office?

At the beginning of this year, the majority of offices shut down and employees started working from home. As we move further through this pandemic, we’re learning more and more about how to not only clean, but also sanitize the workspace to ensure a germ-free environment that’ll allow you to have employees back in the […]


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