What is Electrostatic Technology and 3 Key Benefits

|December 6, 2022

What is Electrostatic Technology

Electrostatic technology is powerful to kill 100% of germs and clean and disinfect the total area. Cleaning and health protection are the key to increasing workers productivity in any workplace, and they take all the possible measures to provide a fresh and healthy environment. Sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces with the old traditional method has been […]


Facility Management – Five Reasons to Outsource

|November 8, 2022

Facility Management

Most of a company’s overall income might be attributed to operating costs. Outsourcing facility management can be the solution for your business if you are looking for cost-effective measures and want to increase the efficiency of your employees. The professional facility manager can save you and your employees a lot of time. You can utilize […]


Hiring a Pro Window Maintenance Service

|October 13, 2022

Hiring a Pro Window Maintenance

Windows in a space provide not only a clearer view of the outside but also increase the curb appeal of that place. A place, be it a home or an office, seems incomplete or unfinished without properly installed or well-maintained windows.  Still, windows are rarely paid attention to for proper cleaning and maintenance. While you […]


How to Decide the Best Sanitization Method for Your Facility

|September 29, 2022

How to Decide the Best Sanitization

Cleaning and thoroughly sanitizing your facility is imperative to ensuring your company runs smoothly and safely. You shouldn’t miss any sanitation steps, no matter how tedious they may seem. They offer extra safety measures, especially for food and medical firms that need this level of inspection and cleanliness.  Why Is Sanitizing Important? If you don’t […]


Elevator Sanitizing and Disinfecting

|June 14, 2022

Not many people are aware, but elevators tend to house 40% more germs than a toilet seat. This suggests that you are exposing yourself to health risks each time you choose an elevator over the staircase.  This is the reason why sanitizing and disinfecting elevators is an urgent need of the hour. It is high […]


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