Are Green Cleaning Products Right for Your School?

|August 10, 2016

Green Cleaning Company

If you are seeking a highly effective way to improve the environmental impact of your school, you may want to talk to a cleaning company in San Francisco about the possibility of making the switch to green cleaning products for use in all of your facilities. Green cleaning products are defined as any cleaning agents […]


Getting Your Commercial Carpets Clean and Dry

|August 3, 2016

No More Dirt Dry Cleaning Carpets

In order to improve the cleanliness and indoor air quality of your business, you may want to hire a cleaning company to professionally clean your carpets. This video will show you the steps of professionally drying out a carpet after it has been cleaned. A team of experienced janitorial contractors will use advanced equipment to […]


What You Need To Know About Marble Floor Restoration In Restaurants

|May 25, 2016

Marble Floor Cleaning Service

A beautiful marble floor can be a huge asset to any restaurant. This timeless flooring material has been used throughout the ages and brings to mind charming Parisian bistros and elegant dining establishments filled with warm light and enticing aromas. If your restaurant’s marble floor has seen some wear, services that offer marble restoration near […]


Don’t Keep Dirt On Display At Your Museum! [Infographic]

|April 27, 2016

Commercial cleaners have to adjust to the specific needs of all of their clients, but the stakes are even higher when dealing with museum cleaning. Because of the valuable items stored in museums, very careful cleaning methods are essential to avoid any damage to exhibits. Complicating the picture is the fact that museums get very […]


Spotlight On Cleaning Services For Private Schools

|April 27, 2016

Janitorial Service Man

School cleaning services are essential for any academic institution. By hiring a school cleaning company for your private school, you can make sure that your facilities offer a clean and welcoming environment that help your students and faculty achieve their fullest potential. As you are hiring a school cleaning company near San Francisco, you should […]


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