Commercial Pressure Washing: Summer Is The Season

|July 30, 2021

Commercial Pressure Wash

Regardless of where you live, summer is the season in which people spend the most time outside, whether leisurely, actively, or otherwise. This is especially true in areas where people truly experience all four seasons. Even in warmer climates, where the winters aren’t cold enough to keep people indoors for most of the day, summers […]


More People Are Outdoors This Summer So Use These Tips To Keep Your Floors Clean

|July 30, 2021

Dirty Boots Clean Floors

It’s safe to assume that more people will be outdoors this summer, and every summer for the rest of our lives, than there were in the summer of 2020. The reason for this is obvious – the pandemic. Halfway through this summer, it can even be said that even more people are outdoors than there […]


4 Top Commercial Cleaning Trends We Are Seeing

|July 7, 2021

Commercial Cleaning Trends

Commercial cleaning trends, like the many other cleaning trends of public interest, have seen a spike in importance and quite the buzz online over the past year and a half. The reason is no secret – a pandemic swept around the globe and changed how everyone sees everything. For the most part, the lens we […]


Restaurant Cleaning: How Often Should You Complete a High Dusting at Your Restaurant?

|June 1, 2021

Restaurant Dusting

Dust accumulates everywhere, but when it comes to dusting, we most often only dust what we can see. The same can be said for most restaurants. Dusting in restaurants, or more broadly, restaurant cleaning routines, mainly focuses on high traffic areas and surfaces. Most cleaning schedules fall between meeting the local sanitation department’s standards and […]


Facility Cleaning: 4 Ways To Improve The Cleanliness Of Your Facility

|May 28, 2021

Clean Organized Office Desk with Laptop and Notebook

While a lot of businesses are re-opening their offices and workplaces, and many employers are setting dates for employees to begin returning to work, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your facility cleaning schedule, janitorial services contract, and overall sanitary preparedness. Whether you have a few days, weeks, or months until that date, the time […]


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