Cleaning Ergonomics

|August 14, 2019

Cleaning ergonomics may not be concepts often thought of, but they’re extremely important. Anything you spend a measurable amount of time doing can have an impact on the health of your body – this applies to active activities – from sports to cleaning – and passive activities – such as computer use and reading. No […]


Tips for Keeping Your Entryway Clean

|July 23, 2019

clean lobby

Entryways may not seem like the most important part of your business – and to be fair, they’re probably not – but they are a prospective client’s or associate’s first impression of your storefront, which does make it important to send the right message. Entryways can get messy easily – they’re where the outside meets […]


Why You Should Only Hire Certified Commercial Cleaners

|June 13, 2019

clean restaurant

A business is a big investment – in some cases, it’s the biggest investment we make in our lives – but more importantly, it’s a big investment in ourselves. As such, our businesses become our babies. We care for them, nurture them – we want to see them improve and grow to their maximum potential. […]


Why it’s Important to Pressure-Wash Your Entrance

|May 19, 2019

pressure washer in use

When we look at our companies, it’s only natural to focus on the interior first and foremost. After all, that is where we spend our time, do the majority of our work, feature our inventory, manage our employees, and conduct all our business – it really is the heart of the operation. But the exterior […]


The Most Common Janitorial Mistakes

|May 19, 2019

slippery when wet sign

Your business is your passion – we understand because we feel the same. For that reason, it’s no small deal any time you need to trust the well-being of your business to someone else. Most companies need third party janitorial services to keep everything in the condition you deserve, but it’s not always easy to […]