Car Dealership Janitorial: Best Practices To Leave A Positive Impression

|July 7, 2021

Car dealerships are understandably all about appearances. Any automotive showroom in the world features a number of shiny, spotless cars parked strategically for interested buyers to look at. Sharp, well-dressed salespeople pace around ready to answer questions and do what they’re paid to do – sell!

It’s hard to sell, though, when you’re selling in a dirty, smelly, dingy looking place. That’s because what people see, smell, and feel affects their mood, and any salesperson will tell you that it’s easier to sell to people in a good mood than a bad one! Taking for granted your vehicles will be in tip-top shape, here are the best car dealership janitorial practices you should know about to leave a positive impression on potential customers:

Car Dealership Janitorial: Windows That Birds Can’t See

A great impression starts from outside your showroom, and while we will later touch on the importance of maintaining your dealership’s exterior, let’s first explain why you should keep your windows spotless.

It won’t matter how clean your showroom or dealership’s interior is if people can’t see in. Worse, if they can see in, but barely, and through spotted, dirty windows with cobwebs in the corners. Dirty, opaque windows can be a deterrent to potential customers. They certainly leave a bad impression! Tip: clean your windows every day, and leave them so spotless that birds may unfortunately fly into them…

Car Dealership Janitorial: Pristine Floors

Clean floors are a must. You’re not selling cars in a junkyard! Prior to opening each day, make sure that your floors are swept or vacuumed, and mopped depending on the type of flooring in your dealership. Also, it’s a good idea to get your floors professionally buffed or polished from time to time, or when necessary. Your floors should be as shiny and clean as each car’s body!

Car Dealership Janitorial: Like-New Furniture

Just like the seats and upholstery in each car in your showroom or dealership, the chairs and furniture should be stain-free and clean. Advising potential customers to sit in the waiting room or lounge in stained, dirty furniture will definitely leave a bad impression. It may even make them think the seating in your cars are in similar condition!

Car Dealership Janitorial: Clean Surfaces

Countertops, tables, and other surfaces should also be kept clean, dusted, and free of garbage or other debris. This one’s a no brainer – keeping surfaces clean will leave a positive impression!

Car Dealership Janitorial: Pleasant Smells

Smells – good smells – are known to be closely tied with good impressions. The sense of smell is powerful and has a strong correlation to how people feel and what people think. Obviously, your dealership should smell good. In addition to that new car smell, make sure to strategically place air fresheners and such.

Car Dealership Janitorial: Clean, Organized & Trimmed Exterior

Back to first impressions, potential customers approaching your dealership will start in the green if you keep your landscaping trimmed and neat, sidewalks and walkways clean, and other exterior areas looking sharp. Another no-brainer, right?

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