Boutique Hotel Cleaning Tips

|October 19, 2019

Running your business with integrity is important, and people place a lot of faith in the hotel hospitality staff. If you run a boutique hotel, you have all of the responsibilities of any other hotel, but less resources than your average big-name chain. If you’re currently running, or in the process of starting, a boutique hotel – here are some tips to help you keep it clean, running smoothly, and your guests happy so they come back and refer their friends and family.

Open the windows while cleaning

It only takes a few extra moments, but the time to get fresh air and sunlight will have a greater impact on the room than you may realize. It will give the room time to breathe, freshen everything up before guests arrive, as well as give you a better perspective on what needs to be cleaned so you don’t miss anything.

Don’t wipe around items

Sometimes the best first thing to do is move everything that will tempt you to work around it. Throw out anything that needs to be thrown out, take out the trash cans, and move everything off surfaces so everything can be given its proper attention. Once the room is back to its baseline, it’ll be easier to clean properly.

Have an order of operations

Clean the bedroom before the bathroom to minimize the transfer of germs. Change towels before changing areas when it comes to sanitizing, and always start with the most important surfaces first – nobody wants a counter wiped after something else has been cleaned with the same towel. Make sure your team works systematically with a reason for everything.

Never skip the sweeping or vacuuming

Mopping when skipping either of those is going to create way more trouble than it’s worth in time saved. Once you mop, wet hair and grime will solidify to the ground making it much more difficult to clean later, and your guests will be sure to notice. Don’t cut corners, just do it right the first time so you don’t have to do it again later.

Use preventative care to save money

You’ll have less expenses in the long run if you don’t let things devolve to the point of needing replacements faster. Mattress covers can extend the life of your mattresses, especially in cases of stains. Proper cleaning of the bathroom will prevent mold, which can cause very expensive issues. Cleaning the curtains regularly will ensure they look nicer for longer, which helps the image of your business.

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