Get To Know No More Dirt, Inc.

|June 17, 2015

For the best and most comprehensive cleaning services in San Francisco, trust No More Dirt, Inc. The dedicated account managers at No More Dirt will take the time to get to know your business inside and out to ensure that your specific cleaning needs are met or exceeded. That’s why No More Dirt guarantees a […]


Factors To Consider When Hiring A Cleaning Service

|June 10, 2015

Professional Janitorial Services

Every business is unique in how it runs, but one thing can be said about all businesses: Cleanliness is extremely important. However, businesses shouldn’t have to sacrifice productivity by having employees spend precious time cleaning. That’s where a professional cleaning service comes in. Professional cleaning companies in San Francisco offer a wide array of affordable […]


Cleaning Medical Facilities

|June 3, 2015

The cleaning requirements for medical facilities are among the most stringent. Disinfection is key to keeping patients and staff healthy and preventing the spread of disease, so it’s important to work with a commercial cleaning company that specializes in medical facility sanitation. What does this mean? For one, using only cleaning chemicals approved for your […]


Understanding Leed And Why It’s Important

|May 28, 2015

Recycle in San Francisco

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green building certification program that recognizes the very best eco-friendly building strategies and practices. Becoming LEED certified has many advantages for companies, especially in a city as environmentally-conscious as San Francisco. In addition to running more efficiently (and ultimately more cheaply), LEED certified businesses benefits from […]


Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Service

|May 20, 2015

When you are seeking cost-effective cleaning services for your business, you may want to hire a cleaning company. A company offering commercial cleaning will ensure that your business is kept to the highest standard of cleanliness. In addition, unlike a janitorial company, which may require rescheduling and vacations, a commercial cleaning company will provide you […]