Dealing with a Stained Carpet

|January 4, 2017

Dealing with a Stained Carpet

If you have carpets on your floors, you probably already know that it can be challenging to keep them clean. Carpets are susceptible to stains, especially if they are a lighter color that tends to show dirt. A floor cleaning company in San Francisco can help you get stubborn stains out of the carpets in […]


What You Should Know About Diamond Certification

|December 28, 2016

Yellow Badge

When a company has received the coveted Diamond Certification, it can state with pride that customer satisfaction is a number one concern. Various home improvement companies—such as contractors and cleaning companies in the San Francisco region—that qualify for Diamond Certification have been rated through several methods as being the Highest in Quality. A cleaning company […]


Clean Kitchens Can Help Keep Ants Away

|December 21, 2016

Keep Ants Away from your commercial kitchen

Keeping your employee lounge and kitchen clean is essential to keeping your employees healthy and your facility free of pest infestations. If your facility’s kitchen is dirty, then you risk attracting kitchen ants and other pests. A qualified cleaning business combined with your own daily habits can keep these annoying pests away from your kitchen. […]


How Your Company Can Benefit from LEED Certified Cleaning Services

|December 14, 2016

Get LEED Certification help in LA from No More Dirt

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a certifier of different homebuilding and home improvement companies who comply with green practices. Green, or eco-friendly, practices are important to several consumers and companies, especially those involved in professional cleaning services in San Francisco. If your company is in need of janitorial contractors and various […]


Signs Your Auto Dealership Could Benefit from Custom Cleaning Services

|December 7, 2016

Custom Cleaning Services and Window Cleaning

There are a few different signs that could signal your auto dealership needs customized cleaning services near San Francisco. Customer complaints and low auto sales are the easiest and costliest signs that you need commercial cleaning. If you do not address these signs quickly and efficiently, you could be losing out on several customers, auto […]