Benefits of One-Time Deep Cleanings

|January 3, 2023

Benefits of One-Time Deep

Routine cleaning and janitorial services serve a great purpose and are necessary to maintaining a clean, functioning environment – especially in the case of the modern workplace. While routine cleaning ensures a wide range of benefits, all which tie back to and have a net positive outcome on your business, one-time deep cleanings access a […]


Is Electrostatic Spraying Right For Your Office?

|December 27, 2022

Is Electrostatic Spraying Right

Electrostatic spray disinfection technology is, without a doubt, the most effective method of disinfection. It’s new-ish, in that it existed before the pandemic began, but didn’t become as mainstream and accessible until after the need to eliminate risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus was in such demand. Either way, electrostatic disinfection sprayers deserve all […]


Dirtiest Places In Your Office That Might Surprise

|December 20, 2022

Dirtiest Places In Your Office

With some careful thought, you or anyone who has had the unique pleasure of earning their living in a modern office can come up with a list of the dirtiest places in an office. Places like the restrooms, in and around sinks, wherever there are trash bins, and otherwise high traffic areas will immediately pop […]


Commercial Cleaning Company – When to Outsource One

|December 13, 2022

Commercial Cleaning Company

You may have wondered out loud in the past about when you should outsource your cleaning needs to a commercial cleaning company. What you’ve probably heard in response is something broad and cliche, like, “when you know, you know,” suggesting you’ll suddenly realize one day that your office or facility is too dirty, needs to […]


What is Electrostatic Technology and 3 Key Benefits

|December 6, 2022

What is Electrostatic Technology

Electrostatic technology is powerful to kill 100% of germs and clean and disinfect the total area. Cleaning and health protection are the key to increasing workers productivity in any workplace, and they take all the possible measures to provide a fresh and healthy environment. Sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces with the old traditional method has been […]


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