San Francisco Fruit Fly Tips From the Cleaning Professionals at No More Dirt

|September 26, 2017

Fruit flies are a difficult problem to deal with year-round. They thrive in the warm climate of the San Francisco Bay regions, especially in the East Bay. Sometimes people will try to eradicate these pests with multiple chemical solutions that they don’t know much about, using chemicals that don’t work or various chemical substances that […]


School Cleaning Guide for Summer

|May 10, 2017

Clean School

An Interview With Michael at No More Dirt Regardless of whether your school is big or small, for younger or older students, one thing remains the same — your school gets a lot of traffic and a lot of germs. Gyms, cafeterias and classrooms filled with tables, desks and equipment, plus the floors and doors […]


A Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools

|March 21, 2017

A Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools

Green cleaning isn’t just a trend. It’s having a positive impact on health. With one in five Californians spending their day in school, which includes more than six million children, school districts are empowered to make a significant impact in the health of Californians by implementing district-wide green cleaning. What is green cleaning? Green cleaning […]


Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning Tips

|March 14, 2017

Tips for Cleaning Commercial Kitchens & Restaurants

Out of all the surfaces in an eating establishment, one of the most vulnerable to dirt and grease buildup is the kitchen floor, which ironically tends to get less attention than cooking counters. When it comes to kitchen floor cleaning, the task is sometimes perceived as arbitrary, and thus little attention is actually given to […]


The Evolution of Green Cleaning


The definition of green cleaning.

Cleaning is an important part of everyday life, whether you’re running a small household or a large office building. Cleaning helps prevent the spread of germs, eliminates unsightly dirt and dust buildup and provides an overall sense of wellness. But in recent years, more individuals and facility managers have grown concerned about standard cleaning practices […]