Bird Removal Services – 3 Signs You Need It

|January 7, 2023

If bird watching isn’t one of your hobbies, you may agree that birds kind of just blend into the background of everyday life. Aside from taking a wide berth around bird droppings on sidewalks and walking paths, or frowning at a stain or two before you clean up the mess that birds sometimes leave on your car, you probably don’t recognize the hazards that birds can pose, relevant to this blog post, to your business.  The truth is that you won’t know until it’s too late, meaning your business experiences some difficulty or loss due to birds being birds and you need a solution. It may seem absurd, but learning why bird control is important and how to recognize the need for bird removal services can help you avoid greater costs in the future, and that fits into everyone’s business plan. Here are 3 signs you need bird removal services:

Use Your Eyes

The easiest way to tell if you need bird removal services is to take a good look around your facility and trust your gut. You should be able to tell if there are too many birds where it isn’t optimal, if they’re too aggressive (birds are afraid of people), if there’s too much bird droppings where there shouldn’t be, or too much deterioration to parts of your facility that only birds could be responsible for. It’s not always obvious to spot these signs, but with a closer look and a hunch, you’ll be able to tell.

…And Your Ears

To the untrained ear, chirping birds may come as a pleasant melody or outdoor tune that you can stop and enjoy. There is a threshold to the volume of the birds’ chirping, though, that anyone can recognize as unpleasant. If they’re too loud, sound too agitated, or both, what you hear from birds can be a sign of infestation. 

There’s a difference between a few doves singing in the morning and hundreds of feral pigeons, and that difference is an irritating and disruptive volume of noise, a lot of potentially bio-hazardous droppings all around, and sometimes, physical confrontations and bird attacks (yep). 

Self-Inspect Your Facility Routinely

Your bird problem may very well be an indoor and outdoor thing depending on what type of facility or facilities your business operates in. For example, a traditional office likely won’t have birds flying in and out, but a warehouse is easily accessible to birds, which often seek warmer, safer places indoors to build nests and such. No matter the type of facility your business operates in, make sure to routinely (and thoroughly) inspect both the interior and exterior.

What should you look for? Essentially, if you find any type of damage such as holes in your siding, corrosion to your roof from bird droppings, clogged gutters and vents, damaged window screens, and damaged/missing insulation, it may be a solid indication that you need bird removal services. 

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