Benefits of One-Time Deep Cleanings

|January 3, 2023

Routine cleaning and janitorial services serve a great purpose and are necessary to maintaining a clean, functioning environment – especially in the case of the modern workplace. While routine cleaning ensures a wide range of benefits, all which tie back to and have a net positive outcome on your business, one-time deep cleanings access a number of benefits that routine cleanings don’t. 

The nature of the need for a deep cleaning is such that you wait until it becomes obvious that a deep cleaning is needed, and then you wait some more, and then you make room for it. If you’re a smart business owner or manager, you’ll engage the services of a commercial cleaning company, and they’ll do a fine job. The trick is to do so before the need to do so supersedes all other needs, because in business, that hurts your bottom line. Knowing the top 5 benefits of one-time deep cleanings should motivate you to win that race, so here they are:

Preventative Efforts = Save On Expenses

The commercial cleaning industry agrees that the less routine, more focused and thorough cleaning and maintenance efforts help prevent the buildup of dirt, debris, germs, bacteria, harmful pathogens, and other hidden concerns that can cause damage to your facility and pose health risks to your employees and clients/customers. In other words, invest in one-time deep cleaning now and reduce your overall expenses in the future.

No Long-Term Commitments = Lower Costs

One-time deep cleanings are just that, one-time. Typically, this means that no long-term contracts or commitments are necessary or made, meaning you won’t have to budget for deposits, various other engagement fees, and residual costs. While it will likely be more expensive than your routine cleaning service fee, you only pay once.

Flexible Scheduling

Commercial cleaning companies that offer one-time deep cleaning services understand that, given the purpose of their engagement, they need to offer flexible scheduling so as not to disrupt business operations. It’s definitely beneficial to be able to pursue a one-time deep cleaning knowing it’ll take place usually after business hours, and often even overnight.

Peace Of Mind

In business, peace of mind is an intangible benefit. A one-time deep cleaning will give you and your employees just that, and that will result in a happier, more productive workforce.

Enabling Change & Progress

No matter what type of business you engage in and what your workplace(s) look like, one-time deep cleanings almost always require floor plans to be undone and things to be moved out of the way. It may not be obvious at first, but one-time deep cleanings provide an opportunity that most businesses don’t otherwise get, and that’s that taking a step back from “the way things are” in your office or facility allows you to make changes to layout, floor plans, and operations in general. It may also give you the chance to remove and/or replace old or unwanted furniture, technology, and other assets.

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